Top Ten Armies [9/1/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- Contrary to what most armchair philosophers would say, the summer drop has not hurt every army.  In fact, it has even helped some, as is evident in the top ten this week.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [83.93]

2. Recon Federation [+2] [66.95]

3. Lime Green Army [+2] [62.51]

4. Elite Guardians [-2] [49.55]

5. Wild Ninjas [-2] [43.48] 

6. Winged Hussars [+0] [26.91]

7. Pizza Federation [+2] [21.21]

8. Cosmic Army [+0] [17.41]

9. Green Street Gang [+1] [15.5]

10. Duck Knight Army [-3] [14.00]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Smile Force [NEW!] [12.00]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Though the rest of the top five shuffles, the Rebel Penguin Federation still reign supreme.  They began their title defense with a tuba event, maxing 43.  Later in the day, their EU and US divisions battled each other, maxing a collective 47.  They broke out the SCUBA costumes for an AUS event, where 25 troops attended.  The US division then held a training session, where they maxed 48.  The EU division hosted their own game night with 33 troops.  The AUS division returned on Thursday, maxing 35 in a U-Lead event.  RPF’s next event was another AUS event, this time a training with 25 troops.  Following this, the US division raided some igloos, maxing 48 in the process.  The next event was yet another AUS event, maxing 32.  The EU and US division combined for a historic event, where they maxed 72 together.

2. Recon Federation

Making their debut in the top two, the Recon Federation had yet another extremely active week.  It all began with a swearing in of Chainpro, where 16 troops witnessed his assignment to the army.  They immediately hosted a training session, maxing 13.  A hide and seek event took place the next day with 12 troops.  They also had a wedding on the same day, maxing 16 while seeing off the happy couple.  The army returned to business the next day, holding a recruiting session with 9 troops.  Another recruiting session followed this, maxing 8 troops instead.  A training session was held afterwards, maxing 11.  Their war with the Lime Green Army began, maxing 17 while drawing in their defense of White House (CPATG).  That same day, they were able to invade Cold Front (CPATG) from LGA, maxing 14.  They then invaded Ice Bank (CPATG) successfully, maxing 17 in the process.  RFCP went back to recruiting, maxing 10 at a session on Thursday.  They once again participated in a stress test practice battle against RPF on the CPATG technical test server, maxing 9 while being outnumbered.  The army continued their assault on the LGA empire, successfully invading Great White (CPATG) with 20 troops.  Their defense of Cold Front was also a success, maxing 21.  The week was rounded out with a successful invasion of Sub Zero (CPATG), maxing 19.

3. Lime Green Army 

Despite having their best ranking in a while, the Lime Green Army are probably not happy with their overall performance this week.  The tiring schedule started off with a failed defense of Ice Box (CPATG) against the Wild Ninjas, maxing 14.  They rebounded with a successfully the next day, maxing 20 in an invasion of Blizzard (CPATG), which subsequently became their capital.  Their third battle with WN resulted in a draw, where 17 troops defended Yeti (CPATG).  There was no rest for the weary, however, as LGA jumped right into their war with the Recon Federation.  That began with an invasion of White House that resulted in a draw, maxing 16.  The army had a disappointing showing in their defense of Cold Front, only maxing 9 while losing the server.  Things did not get much better in the next battle, losing Ice Bank with only 11 troops online.  A recruiting session was held after these two battles, maxing 12.  They rebounded a bit in their defense of Great White, but still lost the server, maxing 15.  They ended their week of war with a failed reclamation of Cold Front, maxing 15 again.

4. Elite Guardians 

Falling out of the top two for the first time in their history at CPA, calling this week a disappointment for the Elite Guardians would be an understatement.  Their first event was a training session, maxing 21.  This was followed up with a battle between their two divisions, maxing a collective 21 once again.  Thursday saw a strange dip in size for EGCP, maxing 17 and 16 in two training events, respectively.  However, the army returned to their usual sizes, maxing 23 in their return to Club Penguin Brazil, the largest Brazilian CPPS.  This event ended their week, and renewed the hopes of getting back to the top two.

5. Wild Ninjas

Though the army didn’t have a bad week in any way, the Wild Ninjas simply couldn’t keep up with the armies who are interlocked in war.  However, their week was kicked off with a mini-conflict against the Lime Green Army, striking first with a 20 man invasion of Ice Box.  The script was flipped for their failed defense of Blizzard, only maxing 13.  In their final battle with LGA, they maxed 20 while drawing the invasion of Yeti.  WN came back down to Earth the next day, maxing just 10 in a cosplay event.  They then hosted a recruiting session, maxing 12.  A hide and seek event on Saturday closed out their week, maxing 11.

6. Winged Hussars 

The Winged Hussars began their week by introducing a new leader, Saph, in a event where they maxed 9. They followed this with a training. maxing 8. After this they had a sled racing tournament with another max of 8. Friday, they had both a recruiting session and a training session, both maxing 6. To end the week they had a find four tournament with a max of 6 and unscheduled training maxing 5.

Screenshot 38

7. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation kicked off the week with two recruiting events, maxing 7 in the first session and 13 in the second. They held a training event on Wednesday, achieving a max of 6 troops. The Pizza Federation ended their week with a successful defense of Abominable (CPR), maxing 3.


8. Cosmic Army

Cosmic began their week with a snowball fight event where they averaged 4. They followed this with a practice battle against Smile Force, they maxed 6 with their opponent no-showing. Afterwards they held a EU practice event with a max of 5.

Screenshot 2

9. Green Street Gang

The Green Street Gang had two events this week. Their first event was a training event where they maxed 8 and averaged 7. The Green Street Gang’s last event of the week was a celebration of Suater1200’s promotion. They maxed and averaged 6.


10. Duck Knight Army

The Duck Knight Army, formerly known as the Duck Defenders had one event this week. They had a training event maxing and averaging 6.



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