Help Force Enters War With RFCP

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With tensions in the community rising in anticipation of CPAM’s upcoming Premier League Tournament, Help Force has, in an unexpected turn of events, declared war against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP).

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J&K’s Army Troop Interviews: Felix Raycher Welcome to J&K’s Army Troop Interviews! Jason & Kavacado, Reporter Trainees of the Club Penguin Armies Media, will be interviewing penguins involved in Club Penguin Armies. From the lowest recruits to the highest ranked leaders, everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion of the community. Today, we will be interviewing Felix Raycher, First Lieutenant in the Army of Club Penguin!29.03.2020_-_6_months_of_ACP_celebration_-_civilian_uniform.png

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Battle Review : ACP vs PIC vs OMA

Blizzard, CPAM Headquarters – With the growth happening within armies, the community saw a huge battle take place on the Friday, 27th March between the Army of Club Penguin, the People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Os Mascarados Army in Club Penguin Rewritten.

Battle Graphic made by ACP

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CPO Army League: March Madness 2020 Final Four Times

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – It has been yet another intense weekend here at the Army League as along with the March Madness tournament, there is still an ongoing World War. However, we managed to get through the Elite Eight battles but not without some controversy!

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Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [22/03/20 – 28/03/20]

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – After yet another exciting and successful week for Club Penguin Armies & Club Penguin’s most successful Army League, we saw the third World War break out with a high amount of battles and tensions flying high through the roof. This week we see a slight change in the Top three armies but once again, who will come out on top?

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Top Ten Armies [ 22/03 – 28/03 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – This week sees the powerhouse RPF reaching new heights with their top ten scores. With the Top 3 remaining stagnant, will a new masked face prove to be a contender for the Top 3 as well?

Top Ten Armies

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CPAM Premier League Tournament

Blizzard, CPAM HQ – With the outbreak of COVID-19, most countries have gone on lock down resulting in school and job closings. Whilst we in CPAM hope that everyone stays safe at home, this has resulted in a boost of Army Community activity.

Earlier this month, CPAM held a meeting with Army Leaders where they voted and decided that CPAM would host a different kind of tournament based on the Round Robin format. This tournament is a Premier League type tournament with all armies battling each other once, noting wins in a Points Table, and held over the course of 2 weeks fully packed with action!

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Cena’s Retirement, Pretzels Shutdown

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – On March 23rd, 2020, Cena, now former Pretzels of CP (PCP) leader, announced his retirement from the CPA community, and with that, the shut down of his army. Find out more about his retirement below.

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People’s Imperial Confederation Returns to the Community

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With the recent stagnation in armies, an unexpected turn of events has led to the announcement of the return of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Will PIC be able to take advantage of the influx of players amid the COVID-19 outbreak – or will they fall victim to inactivity once more?

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CPR Activity Influx – Recruiting Potential in Question

Hey there Everyone, With the breakdown of the Coronavirus, Several countries went into a Lockdown which resulted in Club Penguin Users being more active on the CPPS leading to an activeness increase for the Armies itself.

Recruiting is the most vital key to achieve success for Armies. With the spurt of users logging into the CPPS to play their Mini-Games or chat with their Virtual Friends, The community saw several armies using this as a benefit to recruit more people into their groups whilst several armies having a hard time recruit on CPR.

Club Penguin Rewritten, on 24th March announced that they’ll be adding 2 New Servers into their game due to Servers being full; which also includes the addition of Mammoth in CPR.
Let’s see what news we have from the Armies about their Recruiting and Activity !

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