Hear Ye, Hear Ye!: Royals say Farewell to two Princesses

SLEET, Royals Nation –  A little while earlier, the Royals, one of the most biggest small/medium armies witnessed the goodbye of Princesses Mehak and Lucy. They have stepped down from leadership and passed on their tiaras to the other 5 Royals leading. Continue reading to hear more details regarding the retirements, thoughts and plans for the future.

To start off, originally starting off as The Royal Family but eventually changed to the Royals of CP later, they made their way into the CPA community back in March 2019 by founders and Royal legends, TeaskaTis and Britneyxo. Starting as a new army, the Royals expanded their empire and went on to participate in battle other armies, host fun events, play games, and many more things. If you’d like to keep up with the Royals, feel free to check out the Royals website.

The Royals at their debut event – March 2019

Throughout the time in the Royals of CP, they have been lucky enough to welcome in Princesses Mehak and Lucy to the family. Both of them contributed to helping the Royals strive. They played a huge part in the growth of the Royals and helped provide fun interactive activities for the kingdom.

Royals hosting a Alien themed event – August 2019

Mehak joined the Royals back in June 2019. She helped grow the Royals and was a lovely companion to have. She made her way to Royals leader in February 2020. She helped rise the Royals to new heights with doing on what she could provide and made it her priority that her royal troops were happy.

The Royals invading the Alaska server – May 2020

Lucy (aka Rosesred) made her way to the Royals at the very start, back in March 2019. In fact, she was the 9th member to join. She made her way up to leader and was a great addition to the family. She knew what to do in situations and think of the best solution possible for it.


Royals hosting a Flintstones themed event – April 2020

As of now, the Royals have been thriving as one of the most major small/medium armies. They’ve been successful with maintaining consistent maxes of 20+ and providing fun events for all. I sat down with the Queen of the Royals, Erika, and asked about her thoughts regarding the situation. Let’s hear what she had to say.

Interview with Erika, Royals Leader

CPAL: The retirement of the two Princesses must have been a shock. What led to them to retire?

Erika: To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. I think as leaders it’s easy to get stressed over your position and the amount of responsibilities you have in an army. That and of course having real life obligations. At some point it becomes hard to manage your real life obligations vs your penguin obligations. I surely hope however, that their decisions to retire has been due to their busy schedules because I very much enjoyed the time I spent leading with them.

CPAL: Will the Royals continue to strive without them?

Erika: Absolutely. We know thats what Mehak and Lucy would want from us. Royals are going to continue to progress no matter what changes in leadership. As Royals has existed for a year now, we’ve had leaders retire in the past and have always bounced back. We will be setting some new goals to aim for and perhaps we’ll even become some close competition on the major top ten.

CPAL: Do you have any specific plans for the Royals?

Erika: Well, we’re currently working on a solution to recruiting like most armies are. But not just that, we still want to promote that “family” feeling so working on building our community and strengthen our maxes are all big factors in our future.

CPAL: Do you think those two will make a comeback in the future?

Erika: I’m not so sure I see a royals reunion in the future but, I did hear they will still be active in the community. I know they are most interested in taking a well deserved break from leading. The door is always open for them to come back if they choose to. Nonetheless, I wish them the best in their future endeavors.

CPAL: How will the Royals be able to protect the Alaska server from 32op?

Erika: As #1 super major army, 32 will continue to suck deez nuts.

CPAL: Do you have any final comments you’d like to share?

Erika: Royals will continue to bop to the top.


This seems like a reasonable but saddening time for the Royals. Erika expressed how the two Princesses left to pursue their own life priorities but will always have a heart for their Royal family. It’s clear that the Royals will continue to keep their crowns up and strive for the best. CPAL is excited to see what the Royals have in store for the time coming.



What do YOU think about the recent retirements of Mehak and Lucy? Will the Royals climb their way up the Top Universal Armies? If so, will it be a Royal victory or a Royal massacre? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!


CP Army League Reporter


3 Responses

  1. If Mehakk is retired from CPAL can I take his spot


  2. Mehakk is a she Da Best.


  3. […] patch and came out successful. Recently, she retired from the Royal Family of CP (which can be read here.) to focus more on her real-life situations and to help out Club Penguin Army League as a Head Of […]


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