Venimus Rursus Golds

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – After merging into Ice Warriors and being closed for 6 days, The Golds had missed their family and decided to be returned again under the leadership of PINK and Pineapple. Will this new generation be a golden age, or will they end up merging with Ice Warriors again?


Golds had been dominating the CPO community since they arrived on April 3rd 2020 when they merged into Ice Warriors which can be read here. Ice Warriors along with GOLD’s Troops were dominating the CPATG Community by winning practice battles against the legendary army Rebel Penguin Force. The Gold’s Family were pretty sad and was not happy about the merger with Ice Warriors. This saddened Bay and the other leaders, so Bay announced their return yesterday and here is a screenshot from her post:

Bay’s Announcement on the return

From the announcement, we can see that Bay is truly sorry and regrets her decision for merging with Ice Warriors and she really wants to have fun with the family she had created from the start of the army. The Leaders have decided to give up the staff positions from Ice Warriors in order to focus on Golds.


They’re now aiming to have fun with the family and decided the opening event to be a Prom Event, while aiming to earn the top spot in CPAL’s Top Ten. Here is an official poster of the Prom event to be held on 23rd May 2020:


This year has proven to be a Successful generation for Golds with many new additions to the army. This generation was able to maintain sizes of 50-60 and earning 5th spot in the CPAL’s Top Ten and winning many countless battles. This Generation has proven to be the most successful generation Gold’s have ever achieved.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pineapple, Golds Leader, and discuss the path to putting their plans in motion, and what future of Golds lies ahead of it:

CPAL: First of all, We all are glad that the Golds are back, Can you tell us why you decided to bring Golds back?

:pineapple:: We’re excited to be back! The Golds community really voiced their want for Golds to come back, it was really inspiring to see our members so dedicated. This was a big reason for us to revive the community.

That’s sweet, Can we have an idea on your plan for the future with this re-opening?

:pineapple:: Right now we are focusing on welcoming our members back. This begins with our first event, the Golds Empire Prom on the 23rd of May – this Saturday. Huge giveaways, games, and just a fun time to celebrate our re-opening with our members and allies. As for what the future has in store for the Golds, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

Can we expect to see a bigger and better Golds this time with the current leadership?

:pineapple:: With the dedication and support of our members, our future is looking Golden. We will be looking to expand our community to be a more welcoming environment- especially for those who have recently lost their favorite CPPS and are in need of a supporting community. The leadership remains strong and I believe that Golds will continue to shine as a result.

I love that determination, Do you have any plan on asking Ice Warriors to transfer back your land?

:pineapple:: As I said before, right now our focus is on welcoming back our members. As for the foreseeable future, there are currently no plans on that. Ice Warriors have been our allies for a long time, and we appreciate the support that we have been able to provide to one another.

When are you planning to throw the next nitro giveaway?

:pineapple:: The Golds Prom on Saturday will have multiple nitro giveaways, games, and other prizes! I can’t spoil too much about it though.

I will win that nitro for sure.Thank you for spending your time with us, Any last comments?

:pineapple:: Good luck on the nitro, and thank you for welcoming us back into the community! – Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!


As you can see, Pineapple is quite happy to bring back the family and she plans on having some memorable moments with her family and be more welcoming to the new members joining the family. She also states that she is very confident on her staff team to achieve and grow their community and her main goal is to spread kindness.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think Golds can strive with this new leadership? Will YOU attend the upcoming Prom? We need YOUR opinion!


CP Army League Associate Producer

6 Responses

  1. I’m so glad Golds is back, I hope I can go far in this Generation.

    #semiforlit ._.


  2. So thankful to your and pinks leadership! I’m so excited that golds is back thank you to bay for bringing it back. Very intrigued to see what the future holds! GOLDS FOREVER! 💛


  3. Im SO thrilled our golds family is back and running 🙂


  4. I cannot express how happy I am that golds is back! Pineapple and Pink will be great leaders. I have nothing but hope for the future of the golds!


  5. Very Cool! Go Pineapple!


  6. Super kind person indeed, always trying to spread kindness to the community. Really excited to see what Golds can accomplish in the future 🙂


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