CP:AL Weekly Roundup: The Two Time!

To apologise for last week, this will be a double report – lots of news happened these last two weeks, read on!

SLUSHY, CP Army League HeadquartersAfter an action-packed week there are lots to talk about in this week’s edition of Weekly Roundup!  Read on to find out everything you may have missed this week on CPOAL! There’s lots of news that you may have missed, as there was quite an eventful two weeks. That’s right, folks, to apologise for my incompetency last week, I will summarize the last two weeks!

Golds Merge Into Ice Warriors, Unmerge After?

During the first week, the Golds Empire merged into their close allies, the Ice Warriors. This was following the closure of our main Private Server, Club Penguin Online. However, in a surprising turn of events the Golds Empire has unmerged from Ice Warriors, and are their own army again.

Multiple Armies Closure Following CPOnline’s Closure

The past two weeks witnessed the closure of many major and small-medium armies, namely the Golds, SWAT, Instrumentalists, Light Troops, Aliens, (the full IUA Alliance too) and Tree Cult to be the more popular ones. Many believe these closures to be due to CPOnline closing, and it isn’t hard to see why. Our armies thrived on an active CPPS that offered coin benefits to troops, and without this coin benefit some armies just cannot continue.

Doritos Leader Reveals Himself As a Flat Earther

In a not too shocking scandal, 32op, Doritos leader & legend has revealed himself as a flat earther following a conversation with newly instated Board member, LuciferStar. The following is a screenshot from this event:

This is just another example that proves 32op has the lowest IQ of any Club Penguin Army member.

LuciferStar instated as a Board of Directors member

LuciferStar, someone very well known in the community for being an Elites leader and CP: Army League’s very own Executive Producer (as well as just being an all-round nice guy) was instated as the newest Board member. This decision came following the very abrupt retirement of Andrew24, long-time Army Veteran and Head of Board. When asked on his instatement, LuciferStar said the following:

blah blah im luci and i suck blah blah elites should’ve merged into swat but nooo im too COOL

Hopefully, LuciferStar does an amazing job!

Andrew24 Steps Down From Board

One night ago, Andrew24 had mysteriously disappeared from the Army League Discord server, leaving the “Head of Board” position to noob Mehakk and Army Veteran 32op. No one knows for sure why Andrew24 left, but many of us are hoping he is safe & sound and will return to the Army League one day.

Princess Roses and Princess Meekly Step Down from Royals

Surprisingly, two Royal princesses decided to step down over the week. The two leaders have been in Royals for close to a year, working their way all the way up to the respectable “Princess” (leader) rank. Below is the announcement that was revealed in the Royal Family Discord server:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Luckily for you all, this is going to be the last super long announcement you get from me for a while. It is with great sadness that I tell you all that Rosesred and myself will be stepping down as princesses of the Royals. We have both been here for a very long time and this has always been our army. We’ve made so many friends and memories throughout our time here but unfortunately it is time for us to move on. Lucy and I have had the greatest pleasure of leading you all, whether you’ve been here from since we joined, or if you’re a newer member to our wonderful community. Both of us will still be in Royals and pop in from time to time but from now on you’ll have 5 wonderful leaders instead of 7 :flusshed: . Royals are the strongest s/m army in CPAL and we know you’ll continue growing and getting better through time. You’re all such amazing people in an amazing army and we hope to stay part of this wonderful community with the rest of you.

As always, Long Live the Royals :RoyalScepter:

And as you can see, the two are upset but ultimately felt the need to step down from the Royal Family. Time will tell how the Royal Family do after the loss of their two leaders, who were named legends by creator, Tiska.

Vivala, Doritos Leader, instated as Server Map Updater

With the absence of Andrew24, Vivala has been appointed to update the server map and will do so every few days. However, if you need the server map to be updated more often, Vivala has agreed to allow you to DM her everytime you would like the map to be updated!

And there it is, everything major to happen over the past week. If you feel I missed anything, comment below & I will update it.

What do YOU think? What is the most major thing to occur based on YOUR opinion? Favourite story? Least favourite story? Let me know!


Guy who forgot he was a CP: Army League Assosciate Producer




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