The Conductors’ Last Show

KLONDIKE, Instrumentalist’s Former Capital – The Instrumentalists, our beloved orchestra of troops have left the Club Penguin Army World as of May 20th. They were a beloved set of musicians, quiet and always minding their own business, as well as practicing their music skills occasionally. Read more to find about the unexpected shut down.

An Instrumentalists battle versus Tree cult

As shown above, the Instrumentalists were a force to be reckon with in the Small/Medium army world. They were founded on October 21st, 2019 with the creators being Qwerty1015, JoelSouthPole, and Meggerz/PinkPigeun. From then, they started to recruit and make long-lasting alliances with armies such as the Penguin Defense Force and more. They were mostly a fun army, not looking to get into much conflict with others and always known to being in a major alliance such as the Blue Dawn Alliance. They participated in many tournaments and battles, always being the underdogs that no one expected to win.

Before Club Penguin Online shut down, the army was already in a slight period of inactivity, however, after Club Penguin Online shut down, the leaders decided it was time to shut the army down as well. In the interview below, you can see that ICP had some trouble, but they had future plans for the army. Following Club Penguin Online’s closure, they were no longer interested in CP armies anymore. However, the Instrumentalists followed other armies like the Aliens into transitioning into a gaming server. We decided to interview Qwerty on his thoughts about the shutdown of his beloved army.

Interview with Former ICP leader, Qwerty1015

CPAL: Hi! What were your goals for ICP if CPO did not close?
Qwerty: Growing in sizes (20+ average) and making it to the top of the S/M leaderboard.
CPAL: ICP has been looking at a drop in activity before CPO dropped as well. What were your plans with that?
Qwerty: We were actually back on track after our drop in activity, increasing in maxes between our last three events. We would have planned more fun events and recruited more to work towards our goal.
CPAL: Well then, ICP looked like it was on a good track. Why did you decide to shut down? Was it due to less people being interested in playing CPPS’ anymore?
Qwerty: Well, we decided to shut down because we didn’t see a point in continuing on in CPATG. We would barely achieve noticeable maxes, and our members would not find the new CPPS interesting, as you said.
CPAL: Do you think ICP will ever come back?
Qwerty: It is possible. If Disney revives the original Club Penguin back again, we will probably come back. But then there is the issue of uniforms without membership.
CPAL: Thanks for your time! We hope ICP may come back in the future. Any last comments?
Qwerty: We aren’t dead.
Thanks for the memories, Instrumentalists. We hope your bugles and French Horns are played till the end. We hope that Instrumentalists will come back, anytime in the future.
CP Army League Reporter-in-Training
CP Army League Chief Executive Officer

2 Responses

  1. Oh ICP!!! I know I wasn’t a member anymore at the end, but thank you for the memories. Its so sad that your no longer an army. I am going to miss the good times. You were my first army. Thx for making it fun Qwerty and Joel. Thx everyone.


  2. Rip icp and pdf and snow guardians.


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