CP ARMY LEAGUE: TOP TEN [5/17/20 – 5/24/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – After many Club Penguin Private Servers have been striked by DMCAs by Disney, we saw the army community being impacted drastically with many armies shutting down. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week!

1. Ice Warriors [99.25] 

2. Doritos [96.67]

3. Pirates [95.00]

4. Dark Warriors [86.75]

5. Elites [60.25] 

6. Royals  [54.00] 

7. Redemption Force [49.00] 

8. One Direction Army [40.00] 

9. Animal Kingdom [39.00] 

10. Vikings [38.50] 


Close to Top Ten

11. Sun Troops [33.67] 

12. Golden Troops [33.00] 

Click here for calculations.



1. Ice Warriors – The Ice Warriors started off the week with a practice battle against DCP and RPF with a max of 72. They then had another practice battle with RPF maxing 67. Following that, the Ice Warriors raided a Chaos Army event with 53 warriors. To end of the week, the Ice Warriors had 2 AUS trainings with maxes of 48 and 42.

2.DoritosThe Doritos started their week off with a practice battle against two major armies, Ice Warriors and RPF and maxed 62. The continued the week by invading both Winterland and Alaska where they maxed 57 and 75 respectively.

3. Pirates The Pirates held 4 events this week. They began their week with a massive training event where they maxed 70. They then saw sizes of 65+ at both their defence of Winterland and Invasion of Grizzly. Then they invaded Mountain where they maxed 50.

4. Dark Warriors – The Dark Warriors only had 2 events this week. They started off the week with a training event maxing 63. They ended the week with a AUSIA training event maxing 45.

5. Elites  The Elites held 4 events this week. They had 2 invasions, invasion of bobsled and slippers in which they maxed 25 for both. They also held a training event where they had a large max of 35, as well as a practice battle against Royals where they maxed 20.

6. Royals –Royals held only 2 events this week. Their first event was held to celebrate the beginning of Gen 2 for royals where they maxed 26, and ended off the week with an invasion of slushy maxing 30.

7. Redemption Force – Redemption Force make it onto the number 7 spot this week with one event. They had a training event with a max of 28.

8. One Direction Army – The One Direction Army only held one event this week. A U-lead event where they saw a stellar max of 18.

9. Animal Kingdom – Animal Kingdom first held a practice tactic event where they maxed 14 to help prepare for their invasion of ice cave later in the week, maxing 13.

10. VikingsVikings first event this week was a celebration of recruiting 100 members where they maxed 9, and continued to have 3 other events throughout the week; an igloo contest where they maxed 7, a Simon says event maxing 8, and a final “sardines” event where they maxed 14.



CPO Army League Head of Board


CPO Army League Head of Board

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  1. […] ranked number eight on our CPAL Top Ten this week (which you can read here), while Golden Troops placed only number 12, not making the official Top Ten […]


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