How Much Has Club Penguin Online’s Closure Impacted Armies?

SLUSHY, Sweater’s Office – After the controversial closure of “Club Penguin Online”, many people have wondered – what will happen to our little community? Will armies die, and what’s next? Finally, just little under two weeks after the closure we finally have answers. Read on to find out just what’s happened to our little community, and my personal opinion on the future.

Note: This is an “editorial,” essentially saying that this is my opinion. This post does not represent the views of the Club Penguin: Army League staff, Board of Directors, or anybody who isn’t myself. 

On May 15th, Club Penguin Online officially closed its doors after being hit with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice, basically it was Disney saying “you cannot use our work, it is very illegal,” and forcing Club Penguin Online to shut their servers down. After this, many were wondering about the future of armies on Club Penguin Online’s Army League. Where would we go? Other Club Penguin Private Servers. How many of us would survive a drastic move? Less than 50%. What will happen to our sizes, our coin benefits, easy recruiting? Gone.

Now, before the shut down, we all operated on one Club Penguin “Private Server” (a fan made remake of the original game) which was Club Penguin Online. This Private Server has had its fair share of controversy, notably the scandal we will not be mentioning, and as a result we have always known this server would not last. However, in armies’ time in this server, we have made history. Most notably, the Ice Warriors vs Doritos March Madness tournament battle, in which over 260 people attended from both sides. You may be thinking, “this could be done on any Private Server,” and you would actually be correct in saying this. It can. However, with the coin benefits Club Penguin Online had provided to armies, there was incentive to attend events like this, of course there would be, you’re telling me I get to log on to Club Penguin and earn coins? Sign me up!

Doritos and Ice Warriors competing for a spot in the March Madness finals, with both armies hitting sizes of over 130. To put things in perspective, the lockout room required another lockout room.

Now, this was a one time thing. By no means was Ice Warriors, Doritos, Dark Warriors or any major army for that fact getting these sizes on a consistent basis, it just isn’t possible. Can’t be done. What I am saying, though, is that the coin benefits Club Penguin Online provided to us definitely contributed to those sizes, I mean, that’s a given. Below is a screenshot of Club Penguin Army Media’s “Premier Tournement Grand finals, with the Rebel Penguin Federation going up against the Army of Club Penguin. This is how different a battle can be without coin benefits:


The Rebel Penguin Federation with a 60+ max **in this room** compared to Army of Club Penguins’ 11.

As we can see, very different. This is just one way the closing of Club Penguin Online could affect armies – lower sizes due to coin benefits, but there’s also another way this can affect armies, which is recruiting.

Recruiting is the backbone of many armies, with near enough every major army requiring their moderators to recruit for 30 minutes per day on CPPS just to hold their rank, extra sometimes if they wish to be promoted. As a former army leader, I of course encouraged recruiting wherever possible as it is required to not only maintain your sizes, but to grow as well. Club Penguin Online would allow you to manually recruit in any server, any time, to it’s over 6 million player playerbase. This was huge. Armies could pull over 100 people per day, which of course less than 1% actually attend but this is still massive for armies, being able to grow at a consistent rate which means being able to hit higher sizes online, everything is perfect.

Compare this to, say, Club Penguin Rewritten. This private server, quite often known as Onlines’ rivals, does absolutely not allow recruiting in any form. With recruiters being quite often banned on sight, this is absolutely no good for armies. We can’t recruiter? We can’t grow. It’s not possible. You can try Discord recruiting, but too many direct messages and your account is disabled. Clearly, Club Penguin Online was the way to go for armies, but we are now 10 days into the move, let’s find out what happened to our armies.

The Aftermath

The First Two Days After the Closure

The first two days were the scariest. No one quite knew what was going to happen to our community, many were panicking and signing up to a rival league but that was soon dealt with. Unfortunately, many armies closed their doors or merged. The Golds are a prime example, immediately merging into the Ice Warriors. That’s right, the GOLDS, who’s last event hit sizes of 80, merged right after the closure.

The Light Troops, an army who were led by Epic101, Club Penguin Online Administrator, also closed down within the first two days. Yet another army who reached sizes of 70 on the game closed without even attempting to hold an event our new Private Server, Club Penguin Armies: The Game. The reasons for their closure were never officially stated but many believe it to be that Light Troops Discord thrived from pings on the Club Penguin Online Discord server, and of course Club Penguin Online would not want their players on any other game. It’s a competition, and Club Penguin Online had just surrendered first place, in an unlucky situation out of their control.

The First Week After the Closure

By this point, many of us were getting used to the Club Penguin Armies: The Game. However, by this point for than 50% of the armies in the league had either merged or shut down. The most notable army in this period, aside from Golds, being SWAT into Doritos. Athletes had also merged, although into Elites. Many people were beginning to think this could be it, our league dying. A league, who two weeks ago had to split the Small-Medium Armies and Major Armies into separate top tens, now only had 12 registered armies compared to last months 30.

hey, there’s that universal top ten we’re looking for right?

However, many armies are embracing the move to Club Penguin Armies: The Game. With the move, we are now able to practice battle or even invade armies outside of our league, and the Ice Warriors and Doritos did this. The Ice Warriors, Doritos, and Rebel Penguin Federation had a 3-way practice battle on the new CPPS, and a picture is below. Rebel Penguin Federation have been established for months, and Ice Warriors and Doritos just moved over. The consistent sizes from the two former Club Penguin Online armies was impressive.


Ice Warriors, Doritos, and Rebel Penguin Federation battling it out in the Snow Forts.


From the almost 66% of armies who closed or merged, comes the 34% of armies who survived, and are thriving on our new system. It’s good for Army Leaders to know who’s logging on for their events not just for coins, but to be in a community of fellow Club Penguin players, and at the end of the day – this is what armies are for.



To conclude my 1,400 word essay, I would like to thank Club Penguin Online for supporting our fun little community, and making it not so little anymore. The easier recruiting, the coins, and the mascots (which I didn’t mention) all contributed to the growth of our armies, and we thank you for it. Hopefully, as we move to Club Penguin Armies: The Game and other Private Servers the armies who made it can continue to thrive, and I’m glad to share the journey with this community. We made it through March 2017, and we can make it through this. Whether you’re a Dorito, a Dark Warrior, an Instrumentalist, or even a Pirate – thank you. Let’s move together, and prove why the Club Penguin Army community is the community it is.


So, what do you think? Did you enjoy this type of post? Should I do another post just talking about a journey, maybe a journey a particular army has went through? Let me know. Thank you for reading.


Club Penguin: Army League Associate Producer

thank you.


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