The Ice Warriors Conundrum

Note: This is a developing story.
Update 1: Agent 11, Madhav and a few members of the IW HCOM leave the Ice Warriors at 10:09pm CST.
Update 2: Regan announces his retirement from Ice Warriors at 3:02PM EST.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital: The Ice Warriors recently saw a big chunk of its High Command leave the army and even saw their Leaders Agent 11 and Madhav join the Pirates as their new Captains. What’s even more shocking is that this news comes almost immediately after it was declared that the Ice Warriors had achieved the top rank at CP Army League for the week.

Agent 11 and Madhav both long time IW Veterans and current IW Leaders, decided to move to the Pirates of Club Penguin in a move that shocked not only the CPAL Community but also the Ice Warriors. They were followed by Alex, Fusion and Quinn, all three being Trusted Staff members at the Ice Warriors.

This comes at a time when the Ice Warriors were showing signs of a slump, as Andrew24 had decided to take a break and was supposedly “Gone to Sierra Madre”. In their most recent event against the Dark Warriors, the Ice Warriors saw sizes of only 20+ and they subsequently lost that practice battle to the Dark Warriors.

At 10:09pm CST, Agent 11 made the retirement announcement from Ice Warriors, however the message was mysteriously deleted a short while after his departure.

Retirement announcement at IW

The reasons as such for their departure remains unknown, but CPAL received notice soon thereafter, that Agent 11 and Madhav had been inducted as Captains of CPPA.

Food for thought? The Ice Warriors recently ranked first on the Top Ten at CP Army League. So why would they leave the army when it was flourishing so well?

Update 2:

Regan, IW Legend, and current Ice Warriors Leader announces his retirement from Ice Warriors. Following his former IW Leaders Agent 11 and Madhav, Regan has now joined the Pirates of Club Penguin as their Captain as well. What’s surprising is that Regan’s retirement announcement was deleted in a similar fashion to that of Agent 11’s post.

Regan’s announcement before it was deleted

The reasons again are unknown for his departure, bearing a striking similarity to Agent 11 and Madhav. So was this planned out? What’s the big story here? We don’t know, but it’s definitely some food for thought.

As the Ice Warriors High Command continues to crumble, we at CPAL will bring to you the latest updates on the fall of this Mighty Empire.

Will we see more exits from the Ice Warriors in the hours to come?

Further updates will be added as we get more information on this.



Why did they leave the Ice Warriors at such short notice? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army League Board of Directors

6 Responses

  1. Idk


  2. I think they left because Regan was forming the new Establishment. Although it is possible that they don’t like badboy and they want to move to fight him.


  3. rip


  4. Maybe the reason is related to food… Lucifer said it is food for thought. 🤔


  5. CRY


  6. f in the chat for IW


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