Sun Troops gets Defaced!

Note: This is a developing Story, More Updates will be added soon.

ICICLE, Sun Troop’s Nation- During the recent tensions of war between Sun Troops, HOB, Elites, and Royals. Today at around 9 am EST, the Sun Troops ran into trouble when their website and discord were defaced by Anonymous Personnel. As of now, the site is advertised with the Penguin Defense Force’s Discord Link.

On May 27th, A preparator named himself as “RedSockwa2” took over the Sun Troops Website and Discord in order to merge Sun troops with Penguin Defense Force. However, Haamid was kicked out of the website which made him unable to recover the website. The perpetrator behind this act trashed and deleted some of their pages. Below is a screenshot of defaced Website:

The Preparator named himself as RedSockwa2

We were able to uncover who was behind this cruel act and it was none other than Summit and Banana. The main reason behind this defacement was because Summit wanted Da best to get banned from Sun Troops and he wanted to merge Sun Troops with Penguin Defense Force. However, Haamid didn’t listen to summit about banning Da best and continued leading Sun Troops. The Defacement was taken in order to blackmail Haamid into succeeding to merge with Penguin Defense Force. Below we can see Banana and Summit forcing Haamid to merge with Penguin Defense Force:

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From the Above Screenshots, we can clearly see that Summit and Banana was discussing about defacing the Sun Troops Website and the Discord Server and advertise the Penguin Defense Force Link. Da Best explains to the troops that Banana gave the role “King” to someone who had the permission to delete channels, roles, and ban members. We were also able to find Summit and Banana insulting Haamid by using foul language and disrespecting his parents. Below is the Screenshot of the incident:

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Approximately at 12 pm EST, Haamid, Sun Troops Leader couldn’t take any more of this drama, Unexpectedly decided to merge Sun Troops into Ice Warriors for the position of Staff member. The Leaders and staff members of Sun Troops were rewarded with the staff position in Ice Warriors. Looks like Ice Warriors hasn’t given up hope with the war against Pirates and Doritos. Below is the screenshot of the announcement of the merge:

Announcement of the Merging

It seems that Sun Troops site was defaced for merging with Penguin Defense Force. Here we have another example of blackmail and hacking in armies which led to the defacing of a rising army in the Top Ten. Since this kind of action is against the rules of CPAL, will the board find a solution to this problem?

What Do YOU Think? Will the Board save the day once again? Will Sun Troops get their Website back? Are there Many people Behind this Cruel Act? Comment down YOUR thoughts Below!

CP Army League Associate Producer

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  1. Summit is an idiot. I haven’t seen any one as stupid like summit.

  2. Austin, this was not hacking. Sun Troops “belonged” to Summit, and he threatened Midnight into giving perms, otherwise he would deface the site. He did that anyway, but Sun Troops were defaced because nobody wanted to merge. Be careful to watch out for Summit and Banana from now.

  3. wow the article looks just like my one

    • Whoops I meant my one as I have to do replyes for him as well as me as his internet is trash

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