Animal Kingdom Adds New Leader to the Pack

SABERTOOTH, Animal Kingdom Capital: During the past week, Animal Kingdom has undergone many changes within their staff. Animal Kingdom saw legends such as Clifford, and Canadian retiring from their leading positions this past week.

On May 24, at 3:32 pm PDT, Clifford announced in their general chat that he had retired from his position in AK. His announcement was met with disbelief from members of the Animal Kingdom army. Clifford has since focused on other armies including, Head of Board of CP, as well as being a staff member in Ice Warriors.

Cliff’s retirement announcement

A few hours later, at 9 pm PDT, it was announced that KokoroKohi was promoted to leadership. She was promoted to Zoo CEO and became the newest addition to Animal Kingdom’s staff. 

Appointment of a new Leader

The following day, on May 25th at 1:56 pm PDT, Canadian announced that they were retiring not just from Animal Kingdom, but armies in general. They mentioned that they were retiring due to personal reasons.

Canadian’s retirement announcement

I had a chance to sit down with Animal Kingdom’s newest leader KokoroKohi. Let’s see what she has to say about all the recent changes.

Interview with KokoroKohi, AK’s newest leader

CPOAL: How are you as a staff team dealing with the departure of two leaders?
KokoroKohi: We are sad to see them go, but we are still a strong team with an incredibly supportive staff!

CPOAL: That’s great to hear! You just got promoted to leader, what was your reaction to being promoted, and what personal goals do you have for Animal Kingdom now that you’ve become a leader?

KokoroKohi: When Leila asked me, I couldn’t believe it! I was proud that she believed in me enough to promote me to leader. I was also nervous because it’s a big responsibility! Animal kingdom is such a wonderful place; Leila has worked so hard! My goal is to help AK in such a way that it can continue to grow and flourish!

CPOAL: Do you have any goals for the Top Ten?

KokoroKohi: It would be such an honor to be a part of the Top Ten! It feels like just yesterday that Leila started AK. Since then, AK has come so far! I don’t think it’s an unrealistic goal. We are always striving to improve!

CPOAL: Any final comments?

KokoroKohi: Waddle on, it’s a jungle out there! Animal Kingdom forever!!!


KokoroKohi is super excited to have been promoted to leader in Animal Kingdom. Under KokoroKohi’s leadership, she hopes to see Animal Kingdom thrive and continue to be a major force in Army League. With support from her fellow staff members she hopes to become more of a force on the Top Ten and hopes to continue to help them grow. 


What do YOU think? Will KokoroKohi lead Animal Kingdom to a stage of prosperity? Will the sudden departure of multiple leaders halt Animal Kingdom’s success? As always leave your opinions below.


CP Army League Reporter

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CP Army League Board of Directors

3 Responses

  1. I’m proud of koko! I think she’ll be a great leader


  2. KokoroKohi forever!


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