Mangoes of CP Enter the Community

Slushy, CP Army League HQ – As the crumbling of many armies has come in recent weeks, a new fruity one emerges from the ashes. Read more to learn about the creation of Mangoes of Club Penguin.

The Mangoes were created on the 19th of May, 2020 by Stare3000 and D5nny. This is the first and only generation of Mangoes, fresh like the fruit they are. The mangoes started as only a meme, but are now verified on both CPAL and CPAM. The Mangoes are determined to make their name in the army world.

The Mangoes First Event

The Mangoes have not had many battles yet but will most likely become mighty. They have already allied with newly revived SWAT, One Direction Army, Doritos of Club Penguin, Elites, and Yellow Warriors of CP. These allies are not to be messed with and will allow the Mangoes to have a backup in their future endeavors in “Keeping Club Penguin Fresh”

The Mangoes first announcement, their slogan being “Keeping Club Penguin Fresh”

Mangoes is one of the few armies to be registered after the shutdown of CPO. It is hard to start up a new army anytime but in the postmortem of many CPPS’, the future is unknown for even the biggest armies. Although, the Mangoes have stated many times that they are determined. They have their troops recruiting around the clock and will not let anything bring them down.

To get more information on why this army was started, I decided to interview Mangoes leader smoke, as follows.

CPAL: Why did you choose to start Mangoes in such a perilous time for armies?

smoke: My good friend Oliver (Stare3000) started it. It started off as a meme and he decided to turn us into an army. We don’t care about the “perilous” sh**. We still gon be on top

CPAL: How do you think that your start as a meme army will effect you?

smoke: This was our start. I believe that it will give us that motivation, that boost of determination that we can do it. Oliver built a base of leaders and generals that don’t give up and are just splendid. [Attached is a mango on a department store floor]

CPAL: Do you think your alliance with armies such as DCP will help your boost to the top?

smoke: First off, shoutout to my boy Badboy. DCP got that clout and you know they should slide some to us. The fact that they even allied us when we just started was great for us. They are beneficial to us. They can help us with invasions etc. We just hope to return the favor in return. (We also now are safe from their lethal invasions [flushed face] )

CPAL: Obviously your plan with Mangoes is to rise to the top. Good luck and thank you for your time. Any final notes you would like to add?

smoke: Join us today. We got hella spots. If you an enemy, you gon get put down.

Obviously, the Mangoes are determined that they will go down in army history. It is risky to start a new army at this time, but they do not care. Mangoes are continuing on, despite the risks.

What do YOU think? Will Mangoes rise to the sweet top and be the king? Or will they be left to rot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army League Reporter

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