Into The Time Machine: Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Force’s Nation- During World War III, Commando717, a high-ranking officer in the Underground Mafias Army, led a rebellion against the UMAOnce the war was over and UMA destroyed, the rebellion remained intact and became the army we all know: the Rebel Penguin FederationThe army remained a superpower alongside the Army of Club Penguin and others in the coming monthsAs the Tundra Wars began, the RPF showed their dominance and resilience, which kept them revered in the eyes of the budding army communityThis led to the creation of army nations and server borders, where Commando and other major army leaders met to discuss server rights. In foresight at the time, this would ease tensions among other armies. In hindsight, it led to many more conflicts to come.

Maxing 20+ in Operation Camouflage

Once Commando retired, Kg007 took over as the leader. After a couple of months, Kg defected to the ACP, damaging the RPF and destroying an alliance and friendship between the two armies. Commando returned after Ziehen’s term came to an end, winning the leadership elections by a landslide. In doing so, he shot the army back up to recognizable numbers. With that power, he led the campaign in the detestation of the ACP. This would spread throughout the community.


A conflict with the rebuilding UMA sprouted, and a rebellion commenced within the RPF. This left the army in shambles, and KC and Furbur retire, further damaging the RPF. Fiasco121 and Oberst543 take over, becoming the first duo leadership in RPF, and they do their best to preserve the Federation.

Maxing 45+ in Operation Fortify

RPF sizes shot back up, reappearing in the Top 10. The RPF regained confidence, especially when war broke out against the Ice Warriors. The RPF showed promise and aggressiveness like that of their predecessors in the first two eras and came out of the war victorious.


Karakoran and Chapa23 agreed, choosing to transfer leadership of the USRPF Government & Military to Cewan in what is considered one of the most significant events in RPF history. This RPF was a different RPF and did not stay in the CPAC Top 10, never making it there once. However, this was not for lack of trying. This leadership was also plagued with coup attempts and rebellions.

RPF was able to max 45+ in their Operation Money Maker

The leadership of the army was being transferred back and forth to various people. Basically, anyone who wanted it got it at this point. While ATM 23 was named the 19th leader of a merely 4-year old USRPF, within months RPF had their 60th leader.


In May 2013, RPF legends Elmikey & Commando rejoined the army. The rise that followed was one of the greatest in the history of RPF and armies. The rebellion went on to take part in a massive war with the Nachos, as well as win the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos tournaments.

In February 2014, Elmikey left the RPF and a new leadership was promoted consisting of Silverburg, Lilstar, Sir PJ, and Ultipenguinj. The US and UK divisions of the army tanked and the AUSIA thrived, but later the whole army came to a grinding halt.

Once RPF hit SMAP, Mr. Waffle45 and Taibhse were promoted to leader. This generation was plagued with disputes with veterans, poor sizes, and constant switches in leadership.

Elmikey and Silverburg left the Dark Warriors and rejoined the RPF with permission from Commando. They were unable to lead due to constant DDoS attacks but RPF still had success. Silverburg eventually left the RPF and Elmikey was controversially fired. After Elmikey and Silverburg were gone, the RPF experienced a massive drop. Despite a good Christmas Chaos run, the RPF would not be able to recover and would eventually be shut down.

RPF maxed 65+ in their Box Brigade Event

After the RPF was shut down, Elmikey and Silverburg broke their way back into the RPF and revived it, marking the beginning of RPF’s third golden ageRPF would declare war on the Light Troops and have a war that lasted over a month, resulting in the shutdown of the Light Troops. RPF would get number 1 on the CPAC Top Ten for the first time in over a year. The success RPF was having would continue as the RPF declared war on the ACP and Nachos and fought two enemies at once, winning every single battleRPF would soon turn their focus to the Legends Cup, where the Rebels triumphed over the Pretzels, ACP, and eventually, the Water Vikings as the RPF won their second-ever Legends Cup. Soon after this event, Silverburg would retire and Elmikey would follow suit, resulting in the end of the RPF Victory Returns era. RPF’s numbers would soon plummet.


RPF hitting the sizes of 35+

Elmikey and Silverburg retire, leaving RPF in the hands of Twitchy543. However, the army is right in the middle of one of the largest wars its seen since the RPF Victory era: the New Dawn Alliance vs. the Water VikingsTwitchy struggles to bear the weight left on his shoulders by the legendary duo, but he manages to pull through and win the war with the help of his alliesElmikey and Silverburg rejoin after the war, only to leave again a few weeks later, this time leaving Clout in charge of the armyShe struggles the worst, drawing RPF into a war against the Nachos and another war against the Army Republic, losing both of those wars. Twitchy convinces her to leave the leadership and takes over the army. He is later joined by Elmikey, Skyblue36, and Tompenguin6. The army rises to its former heights and later wins the Christmas Chaos. Xxtoysoldier, Drake, and Freezie66 join the RPF soon after the Christmas Chaos victory. With the help of bot scripts, they achieve monstrous success, but they are soon controversially removed by Elmikey. This caused Toy and Drake to deface the RPF site and bring RPF recruits into their new army. The RPF was left with nothing.


After the deface, Luis becomes RPF Leader. Silverburg rejoins in April and RPF sees excellent sizes including 60+ at Operation Full Tuxedo. The Summer proves to be even more successful as RPF wins the Legends Cup and dominates the Server Map.

Chip and Bounce, former Water Viking leaders, are given leadership roles in the RPF. Under their leadership, RPF wins the Champions Cup for the first time in its history as well as solid numbers all around.

RPF hitting the sizes of 45+ in their Operation Blast Off Event

Before Christmas Chaos, many former leaders decided to rejoin the RPF. This included Silverburg, Elmikey, Twitchy543, and Lord Pain. RPF rose very quickly and hit good sizes, but started to burn out shortly after. This was shown in the Christmas Chaos finals, as the poor decisions of various leaders caused the RPF to lose. After the tournament, RPF declared war on the ACP and proceeded to demolish them in a war tokened as “The Pain Wars”. After this war, all the leaders retired leaving Junie to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation. Around this time, Club Penguin also announced they were shutting down. While Silverburg and Elmikey contemplated a way to continue the RPF past Club Penguin, Junie led the RPF and held it to stable sizes. The most significant event of this era would be the final event on Club Penguin, where RPF would hit sizes of 50+. After this event, Silverburg gave a speech accompanied by a post announcing to the community that RPF would be the only Club Penguin army to continue operations. After Club Penguin shut down, Silverburg moved the army to Club Penguin Rewritten. This would not only begin a new era but an entirely new age.

RPF saw the sizes of 50+ in their Monster Mash Event

When CP closed in March, RPF made the move to Club Penguin Rewritten. Silverburg took the helm and RPF rose throughout the Spring to sizes of 70. He retired in May, promoting Popsicle to lead alongside Chip, Elmikey, and Junie. RPF moved to Discord in June, which vastly improved chat functionality and troop retention. Twitchy also rejoined as a leader around this time. As the Summer wore on, Junie stepped down and Twitchy had to retire. Despite Elmikey’s inactivity, RPF did not miss a beat and went on to max well over 100+ in August at Operation: Jet Pack. Chip retired in September and Left, one of the best 2ics of the era, was promoted to lead alongside Popsicle. RPF’s dominance continued through the Fall, hitting consistent numbers of 70-100+ every week. However, the leaders had grown tired of Elmikey’s inactivity and inappropriate behavior. Popsicle, Left, Chip and Tom formulated a plan to remove Elmikey from power. After they got the go-ahead from Commando, they asked Elmikey to step down peacefully. Elmikey did not agree and attempted to remove all four from power. He was unsuccessful, and Elmikey was banned on December 7th, paving the road for a new era of RPF.

No doubt, RPF had a golden history woven with the cobs of epic battles and events. The hard work of the Legends and Leaders in making the RPF one of the successful armies will always be remembered. RPF was and is still progressing with all its force in CPR. The ethics and guidance styles throughout their history can still be seen throughout the community today.


What do YOU think about the Rebel Penguin Federation’s history? What do YOU remember from RPF when they were in the community? Comment YOUR opinion on the History of the RPF Army of CP.

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