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Slushy, Club Penguin Army League HQ – Crazy week, huh? So much happened this week that you may have missed it. Here, you can catch up on all of your news!

The Ice Warriors Conundrum
This week there were many changes inside of Ice Warrior’s leadership and staff. Due to issues among the staff, almost the whole leadership and a big chunk of the staff team migrated over to the pirates. After Iceyfeet1234 became aware of the situation, he found that the staff needed to come back. Thanks to his efforts, he was able to get the beloved staff and leaders back to their home.

New Beginnings for the Armies
This week, we saw a fair amount of armies enter the community, as the faith in the Army Community slowly starting to regain its power, as SWAT, Mangoes, and Fighter Pilots have both entered the community, (FP superior) there may be more that will come to see the light. They both have come into leadership under new names but have already gotten a ton of support.

The Bad News
Of course, with every good thing comes bad. This week, the Aliens of CPR decided to shut down, along with the Sun Troops getting defaced. The shutdowns of armies was expected, but the act of Sun Troops being defaced admittedly came out of nowhere. There is always bad news in armies, but surprisingly this week there wasn’t much.

The Legends Cup
The Legends Cup first battles will begin Sunday, June 1st. As the majority of the armies are not registered in CPAL, there is not much to report, although the Ice Warriors will be battling against the Sky Troops. As the Sky Troops maxed 3 at their latest event, will the Ice Warriors be defeated?

The Legends Cup X Bracket

This week, there was a small/medium war and a major war. The small/medium war was between Golden Troops and One Direction Army. With many battles, GT came victorious for their dedication. Their main tactics were mocking ODA. But the major war this week was between the Pirates, the Doritos, and Ice Warriors. This week there was already drama inside of Ice Warriors, but with the war it had turned into total chaos. By the end of the week, the drama has thankfully calmed down as the impossible has now happened, Doritos and Ice Warriors becoming allies.

Cliff and Sweater as Map Updater
As the absence as Andrew24 on the board grows more prevalent, the board instated Cliff and Sweater as Map Updater. After Cliff posted the updated map, he made the tasteful comment of “enjoy nerds”.

Legend Nominees
The Legend Nominees were announced this week, and in the comments there was a flood of users but after careful calculations and reading, it appears that many users are voting for Freezie, former leader of Dark Warriors, and BP, acronym for Best Penguin. The obvious winner is Da Best but that’s just my opinion.

The Legend Nominees for CPAL

What do YOU think? What is the most major thing to occur? Favorite story? Least favorite story? Let us know in the comments? Also, who is this person doing Weekly Roundup Now?

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