Legends Cup X Predictions: Character Select

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom — For the Legends Cup X, we are happy to announce the Predictions: Character Select contest.

Battle Predictions have been a part of army media since time immemorial. The Legends Cup, being of such importance, is arguably one of the biggest tournaments in Club Penguin armies. Predictions are posts which give a preview regarding the upcoming battles, to the community. A contest has been set up for the users to participate in, for this legendary tournament.

Here are some examples of how Battle Prediction posts look like:

Character Select!

Rules of the Contest

  • Prediction posts will be released before a Legends Cup battle begins. It will contain details about the armies battling, and the scenario of the face-off taking place.
  • For all the battles taking place, you must comment on the prediction post with names of the armies you think are going to win, for that specific battle day.
    (Cloudflare masks IPs for comments on this site)
  • Comments on the posts would not be released until the battle day ends, to prevent people from copying each other.
  • The staff team will tally predictions after each battle day.
  • Nitro Giveaways, Custom Roles, would be given out to the winners at the end of Legends Cup X.

Comments will be removed, of participants who try to bypass the rules stated above. With the Legends Cup X commencing today, stay tuned for the Round One: Day One Predictions!


What do YOU think about this contest? Are you excited for Legends Cup?
Comment below and let us know.

♠ αʏαɴ ♠

CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

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