Is Mehakk a furry? The Evidence

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – It’s time to officially investigate the rumors floating around the CPAL community as tonight, I find out if Current Army League Head of Board, Mehakk, Is indeed a furry? Continue reading to find out more. CAUTION: SATIRE AHEAD

This all began a few weeks ago on Tuesday the 23rd of May, As Mehakk brought the delightful news of her new husky puppy, Rio, which you can read about here. But with this announcement the people of the CPAL community began to speculate that the former Royals leader may in fact be a furry. While nobody is sure where these rumors started, they spread like wildfire, and soon it was the talk of the AL discord server. Denial was strong in Mehakk as the answer to her being asked “Are you a furry” was always a strong and stern “NO”.  Which would of been all we needed in most cases, but as evidence began to surface, I thought it was time to find out the Truth.

Mehakk denies being a furry

Mehakk denies being a furry

To start my investigation, I signed up for every single furry dating website and app in order to attempt to find Mehakk’s account if it does exist. After many many many hours and many euro’s lost with premium memberships. After a few false hopes but surprisingly good dates, the results came back as inconclusive but my search into Mehakk’s supposed furry dating profile continues.

My Furry dating profile

During the writing of this post, more evidence was brought to my attention regarding Mehakk’s “retirement” from the Royals. I was made aware that Mehakk was in fact FIRED for being a furry. Unclear as to how the Royals leadership found out this, I decided to interview current Royals leader, Erika, for the answers.

Interview with Royals Leader Erika

Regan: What was your working relationship like with Mehakk?

Erika: Well, I always enjoyed working with her whether it was while discussing new changes or just simply leading together. Mehak always had amazing ideas and brought a new layer of creativity to Royals. That and she was always agreeable so it was never difficult to go through with changes. We were always on the same wavelength when it came to decisions which is a great quality to share with the people you’re working with.

Regan: It has come to our attention that Mehakk was in fact fired from the Royals, Can you think of any reasons why?

Erika: She was never fired, I’m not sure where that information came from. She let staff know ahead of time that as her interests changed, she was finding less and less time to continue leading and found it best to just retire.

Regan: Army League sources tell us that Mehakk was in fact fired for being a furry with photographic evidence of you admitting so, how do you respond?

Erika: I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously so I thought I could get away with leaking the truth. Okay yes, that’s the truth. We did have to fire Mehak as she tried converting the rest of Royals staff to furries. She even went as far as spamming our staff chats with invites to furry servers. We finally decided enough is enough.

Regan: Has she converted any Royal troops into furries?

Erika: I wouldn’t be surprised. We’ve been keeping a close watch in fear that she may have an alt in our server spreading furry propaganda. We haven’t noticed anything yet though.

Enough is enough cried the Royals leadership as it is confirmed Mehakk was indeed fired for being a furry, but another thing I noticed was that it was admitted that Mehakk sent furry discord server invites to the staff members of the Royals army. the next step in my journey to answers was to join one of these furry servers. I began in the welcoming screen where I was then asked to write a bio in order to gain full access to the chat. I then waited for a moderator to accept me into their world. It was in this time that I did a quick search of Mehakk in the Server to which I came out with nothing so the question is. Is mehakk using an alt for her furry servers?

My next adventure was to attend FurryCon in Phoenix, Arizona in search of Mehakk. In order to find Mehakk, I had to use what I knew about her other than the fact she could possibly be a furry, and that was that she was loyal to the royals. To lure her out I paraded around with my pet puffle, Franklin, In the hopes that his scent would cause Mehakk to attempt to eat Franklin. FurryCon has a strict no animal policy (ikr) so I convinced the security guards that Franklin was indeed my son who I am introducing to the furry world. After attending FurryCon for all 3 days including backstage to meet the furry gods. It was in day 4 I finally caught some hope as I saw a costume of Mr. Herbert P. Bear, in which I quickly made the connection to Mehakk, alas, I was disappointed as instead, I found a 42-year-old man who missed breakfast, me and him had a chat after I bought him a Tayto sandwich and he was happy out.

Me attending FurryCon2020


While I did not find Mehakk at FurryCon2020, I must say I did enjoy the weekend and managed to make some lifelong friends including some dressed as penguins, in which case I will attempt to recruit them to my dearest Ice Warriors. As for Mehakk I’m not sure if she was in attendance, maybe something came up or maybe she already had a stash of puffles on her all weekend. Only Mehakk herself can answer that.

Do you think Mehakk is a furry. do all the facts add up. Leave your thoughts and opinions below. If you have more evidence of Mehakk being a furry anonymously DM me and have your voice heard. 


CPAL Reporter






15 Responses

  1. I also may feel that Erika (Royals Leader) may also be connected to Mehak’s furry scandal. Maybe she is a furry too. Look into this.


  2. Finally someone exposed the truth about Mehakk. I have known for years, but she threaded to eat me if I told anyone. Thank you Regan, for your brave exposé on Mehakk, alerting the army community of her furry tendencies.




  4. 10/10 Mehakk is a furry


  5. I am pictured with you (right) at FurryCon2020. I can confirm shortly after taking this picture, I was summoned into the secret furry dungeon exclusively for the furriest of furries. I found that this area was orchestrated by Mehakk herself. I have not included my real name in this comment for safety reasons as Mehakk made me sign a NDA before I could leave the chamber.


  6. It might be true but have you researched about Erika being a furry or not? She claims she isnt but im guessing she is ::


  7. Mehakk 100% furry confirmed


  8. I feel kinda bad.


  9. dude, what the heck is this thing, what is a furry and what happening?!!?!?




  11. Someone did 8ball and it said mehakk isn’t a furry, so there’s the proof they’re not


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  13. […] address what has already happened in these crazy times for the Royals army. As I discussed in Is Mehakk a furry? The Evidence, It has been confirmed that Mehakk was removed from the Royals leadership for attempting to turn the […]


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