Water Vikings Dock Their Ship In CPAL

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Nation- With the round 2 announced in Legends Cup and few of our armies advancing through the next round. We have a Legend’s Cup Contender joining our community to get that top spot in the Top Ten. It’s none other than the legendary army, Water Vikings. Let’s Read more to find out why they joined our community.

The Legendary army, Water Vikings were created on December 28, 2010, by a merge from the Masked Vikings, led by Jed Pen, and the Water Troops, led by Zakster. The Water Vikings are known for having one of their most famous generations in 2015. In the Champions Cup and the Legends Cup, they were finalists in both tournaments. .The Water Vikings are also known for having the “Biggest Rise Award” in 2015, from barely maxing 20, all the way to 50 in events.

Legends Cup Final on 2015 vs Rebel Penguin Federation

This Generation of Water Vikings is lead by CPA Legend KingFunks4, Buddy, Thomas83514, and Pjayo. Golden Guardians (An Official CPAM army) was re-branded into Water Vikings on May 19th, 2020 in order to make Water Vikings successful.

Water Vikings were able to pull off a 10th spot on the CPAM’s recent Top Ten and were able to proceed to the second round to meet up with Elites in the Legends Cup. They have also held few practice battles with Ice Warriors, Elites to gain some experience for the troops and train them for the Legends Cup. Below is a Picture of the lastest practice event held by Water Vikings:

Water Vikings Maxing 27 on their Recent Event

I was lucky enough to sit down with one of Water Vikings Leader, Buddy. Let’s see if there is any purpose behind joining the CPAL community.

Interview with Water Vikings Leader, Buddy

CPAL: First Of All, Congratulations on being a major army in CPAL. Can you start by telling us why you planned to register for CPAL?

Thank you! We’ve been in CPAM for weeks now and since the collaboration between the two sites has been positive lately, we’ve decided to expand our grasp in the CPA community and join the CPAL side of things as well.

CPAL: That’s Awesome. Can we expect future invasions or even a declaration of war on CPAL armies?

At the moment we’re focusing on the Legends Cup, however once that is over with we may be looking at some invasions or possibly a war, for sure!

CPAL: We will look forward to it. Are you planning to ally with a CPAL army?

We’ve already allied with the Ice Warriors, and we do have another big player in mind for an allyship.

CPAL: How do you think the Water Vikings performed so far under the current leadership and the staff team?

I think we’ve done well so far, being able to hit 40+ and consistently remaining in the top ten. However, we have more to offer and we’re going to show that within the next week or two.

CPAL: What sizes do you expect to achieve in the Legends Cup?

We’re aiming to hit sizes of 40+ at our next battle against the Elites.

CPAL: Thank you so much for the interview and we wish you all the best for Legends Cup! Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Thank you! Join the wave or fear it! :cool:

As you can see from the above interview, They Water Vikings wants to expand their grasp in the Club Penguin Armies Community. They would also like to add the Legends Cup to their trophy cabinet and conquer the CPAL’s Top Ten. We can expect some fierce competition in the Top Ten and invasions from Water Vikings. Time will tell if Water Vikings will succeed or fail. We wish them good luck on their journey on the path of success.

What do YOU think? Will Water Vikings win the Legends Cup? Who do YOU think they would ally with? Which Army do YOU think they will declare war with? Comment down YOUR opinions down below!

CP Army League Associate Producer

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