Leila Steps Down from AK Leadership

SABERTOOTH, Animal Kingdom Captial – In a recent announcement made by Leila, Founder of the Animal Kingdom army, it has been confirmed that she will be stepping down from the leadership role in AK. She has left Drew as her successor but will continue to lead until the legends cup is over. Read on to find out more!

The announcement in which Leila said she would be stepping down.

Animal Kingdom was created by Leila on April 18th 2020 and became official after they held their tactic practise maxing 10. According to Leila, Animal Kingdom was made because Leila and other members were tired of how we were treated in the Redemption Force Army and that is what kept them going throughout the AK journey. That was their motivation. They were told we never were going to max 5, or even become official but they proved the people wrong by becoming one of the strongest S/M armies there are currently.

I asked Leila for a statement, to discuss why Animal Kingdom was created. Leila told me the following about why AK was made:

I made the theme animals because in the future, I’m planning to become a zookeeper, and I haven’t seen any other animal themed armies, even though we’re not furries so I thought it was special.




Animal Kingdom coming Second in the Universal S/M Top 10

AK grew quickly and it is no denying that they have no plans to stop doing so. What will the future of AK hold? Well I managed to talk to Leila to find out what she had to say:

CPAL: Thanks so much for letting me talk to you! First things first, why did you decide to step down from the leader role in AK?

Leila: Thanks for reaching out to me! I have decided to step down as leader because of personal issues. My job has reopened and there’s a chance I won’t have the time to lead fully. I will still be an active advisor. I talked to my staff and hcom, and they all agreed on staying an army.

CPAL: How much do you think AK will change, now you have announced you will no longer lead?

Leila: I don’t think it will change too much. I have given over main leader to a very good friend of mine, that I met before armies, Drew, and I will be helping through throughout it all. In a way, I will be leading vicariously through her. AK will always stand strong and I will always be here to support it. It is my biggest success in my army career.

CPAL: Going back in time a bit, how difficult was the change between CPO and CPATG for AK and why?

Leila: I think it hit us a lot more than we expected it too. I enjoy CPATG because of how army friendly it is, but CPO was much easier to recruit on. We still discord recruit and CPR recruit like every army. We will still continue to keep pushing though.

CPAL: I agree, the change hit most armies hard. We saw many armies close but why not AK? What kept the spark alive?

Leila: I was shocked to see how many armies closed because of it. Honestly, closing AK in response to the shutdown wasn’t even brought up in our server. It wasn’t a thought in my mind. I just knew we would adjust and adapt. Just like animals do haha.

CPAL: Haha, just for the readers, can I clarify if you are furries or not?

 Leila: Nope we are not haha. Everyone thinks we are, but AK is based more on wildlife animals that you would find in zoos, like the roles. The only furry I know of is Regan. Don’t hate me Regan ily. Hehe

CPAL: Thanks so much for the interview. Is there anything else you wish to say to the readers?

Leila: Thank you for interviewing me! I’d just like to say I know there was controversy with me stepping down, and I’d like to give the entire army of Ice Warriors especially a huge thank you from me and the rest of AK’s hcom. they have been such an asset by helping us with a variety of things. I’m blessed to say I met them. Also just a thank you to everyone who has helped me make AK what it was. AK will always be family, no matter what. AK STRONG :ak1:

Thank you Leila for allowing time to talk. As stated in the interview, Leila will remain an advisor in AK to watch over her army and I am sure she will se it flourish. It was interesting to delve deeper into the history of AK to see their struggles, how they grew and how they managed to conquer their foes. Whether AK are Furries or not still remains a mystery, despite Leila saying no however I believe we should all expect AK to remain within the Top 20 Armies and I salute your work Leila. The army you created is truly great and I, and I am sure several others, have no doubt it will go far.


What do you think the future of AK holds now it’s founder has stepped down? What problems might the new leader Drew face? Can Drew live up to the expectations of the AK members? Will the AK stay as strong as they have been in the past? Only time can tell. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Lep (Truspira)

CP: Army League Reporter



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