The Royals Pandemic

Slushy, Army League HQ – Since Mehakk’s removal from the Royals leadership more has information has surfaced which accused Mehakk of turning fellow Royals troops into Furries. Continue Reading to find out more. CAUTION: EXTREME SATIRE

Just hours after my most recent post outing the Army League head of board, Mehakk, as a furry. More information has come to my attention regarding the damage caused by Mehakk in the Royals army. Most notable being the alleged turning of Royals Leaders Erika and Brooke from a respected leaders into furries. I’m sure you’re all asking the same questions, Why Erika? What is Mehakk’s plan? What does this mean for the rest of the Army League? Let’s investigate.

Royals in danger?

First of all, let’s address what has already happened in these crazy times for the Royals army. As I discussed in Is Mehakk a furry? The Evidence, It has been confirmed that Mehakk was removed from the Royals leadership for attempting to turn the Royals staff into furries. But I was anonymously sent interesting statements which tell us that Mehakk has succeeded in turning Royals leaders Erika and Brooke into furries. In the following screenshots, Erika confirms she is a furry and has in fact joined the furry discord servers (which I was denied access to as my bio was not believable).  I cannot say how I have got this evidence but I would like to thank the person who did send these to me, (I forgot your name). Below you will find my Interview with Royals leader and furry, Erika. Warning: Those with good music taste may think less of Erika after viewing the following screenshots.

Erika admits she is a furry

Interview with confirmed furry, Erika

Regan: Are you a furry?

Erika: No.

As you can see from this interview, denial is strong in Erika, But now it is with a heavy heart that I must report another victim to Mehakk’s furry takeover plans, another Royals leader, Brooke, who on the 30th of March, admitted to being a furry in the main chat of the Royals server, What shocks me most of all about this is that Brooke, in fact, was one of those responsible for the evidence coming out over Mehakk, but this makes me wonder, is this all apart of Mehakk’s master plan? are there any more secret furries in the royals army? I decided it was time to Interview another confirmed furry, Brooke.

Brooke admitting she is a furry

Interview with confirmed furry, Brooke

Regan: So It has been confirmed Mehakk has turned Erika into a furry, do you know of any other Royal that may have joined the furry life?

Brooke: I currently do not know of any other royals that have joined the furry life.

Regan: What have the Royals leadership been doing to stop the spread of furrid-19?
Brooke: Royals leadership has since taken extreme measures in combatting the spread. We have currently quarantined our staff chats by removing Erika from the staff chats and quarantining them. As well as, getting more moderators to stop the spread of furry propaganda in our server.
Regan: In your opinion, how long before all this blows over?

Brooke: bout a week, with all the publicity it will be really hard for them to continue trying to convert our members to furries.

Regan: Final question, are you a furry?

Brooke: No, I am not a furry.

Well, one thing we can all learn from this interview is not to trust the furries, I have been lied to by both Brooke & Erika, They have both admitted to being furries and yet decide to not acknowledge their new lifestyle? I believe we will never know.

What is FURRID-19?

Much like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the planet, FURRID-19 is a computer virus which can affect the Club Penguin Army League community. As you know, we have identified the current Army League head or board, Mehakk as patient zero. This virus can have an extreme effect on the changes of a persons behavior in the Army League community, one instance is that of Mehakk, as over the last few months she has been sending Furry server invites to the Royals staff, thus starting the spread.

How can we stop the spread?

As official Minister of Health for Sub Zero, I would like to propose the following guidelines in order to protect you and your fellow troops. You may not know if you or someone close to you may have contracted the computer virus, it is important to keep yourself and others safe.

  1. Distance yourself at least two meters from each other during battles and training events
  2. Be cautious when clicking a link. 
  3. Wear protective clothing when entering the Royals or Animal Kingdom Discord servers.
  4. Do not join any furry Discord servers
  5. Do not bomb in battles with the Royals or Animal Kingdom armies.
  6. If Furid-19 tries to infect you, say No. It cannot legally go inside you without your consent

Following these guidelines will reduce the impact the furries have on our community, and also protect you and everyone else.

What happens if we do not follow these guidelines?

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in Mehakk’s plan being complete, as AL reports tell us that she plans to rename us to Furry Penguin Army League. The faith of the army league as we know it rests in our hands.

Mehakk’s plan for the Army League

How do you think we will fare during these dark times in the army league community? Can we overcome Mehakk and her evil plans? Leave your opinions in the comment section below!

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