Pride Month In The Army League

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – With the start of June comes the start of pride month, however pride this year has been notibly different. With parades cancelled and friends unable to meet up and celebrate, 2020’s pride festivities have had to be put on hold in order to focus on greater issues. Although, this isn’t the case in CPAL, where a number of armies have held their own virtual pride events, with the aim of celebrating the diversity of the Club Penguin Army League. Read on as we take a dive in to the events, why they were planned, and their importance in our community


Since the Stonewall riots of 1969, pride parades have been an important part of celebrating the LGBTQ community and it’s history. Parades and celebrations have held many different forms, from sit-ins, to vigils, to marches; howver, 2020 has seen a new type of pride event born: the virtual pride.  With over 500 pride festivals cancelled around the world, 2020 marks the first time in fifty years that the LGBTQ community won’t be able to hold in-person gatherings. In order to combat this, events such as community zoom calls, microsoft teams conferences and facebook festivals were created. Just like the rest of the world, many armies in the CP Army League have decided to host their own pride events, donning colourful costumes and using pride-themed tactics in order to share their pride as a community.


Dark Warriors

On June 4th, 2020, the Dark Warriors (DW) held a virtual pride event for their Ausia members, reaching a max of 41 troops. Talking about the event on their website, supermeg500 stated that “here at DW, we accept and support everyone regardless of preferences”, and later went on to say “pride month plays a huge part in many of our member’s lives and we want to make sure that they are accepted and appreciated within our community.”. Also posted to the website were colourful pictures of DW troops dressed in rainbow items and showing off tactics such as ‘LOVE IS LOVE’ and also shouting out their own power couple, Julia and Megann (also known by their ship name, Juligann).


DW performing one of many pride-themed tactics at their event, June 4th.


DW congratulate couple, Julia and Megann, on their one month anniversary, June 4th.


Golden Troops

On June 6th 2020, the Golden Troops joined the list of armies to celebrate pride with a virtual event, choosing the server Blizzard to log in, dressed in a rainbow-themed version of their army’s uniform. The event, which maxed 17, saw GT tell campfire stories (through the use of tactics) about stonewall and the eradication of homophobia.


GT members perform a tactic referencing the stonewall riots at their pride event, June 6th.


The event also saw GT members call for the eradication of homophobia, June 6th.

The Royals

June 6th also saw the Royals of Club Penguin (RCP) held their official pride event with support from their allies. The event, which maxed 21, saw members dress in rainbow atire and performing pride tactics (such as ‘LOVE WINS’ and ‘LGBTQ FOREVER’) as well as regular tactics such as their signature ‘BOP TO THE TOP’ tactic.


RCP perform a tactic saying ‘DON’T HIDE YOUR PRIDE’ at their virtual pride event, June 6th.

After the sucessful event, CPAL sat down with Royals leader, Brooke, to talk about how it came about.


Interview with RCP leader, Brooke

CPAL: How did the plans come about for the Royals’ pride event?

Brooke: We had some plans to do one to celebrate Pride month because many of our members are part of the LGBTQ+ community and we wanted to celebrate them.

CPAL: Do you think the lack of ability for many to celebrate pride in real life influenced your decision in making the event?

Brooke: Yes! We wanted to have our members be able to celebrate. Pride month often has a lot of celebrations and because of the different circumstances this year we wanted to make sure they could celebrate, even if it is virtually.

CPAL: How did the event go overall? Do you think it had a different atmosphere to, say, a training event?

Brooke: The event was quite different from a typical practice event. Overall as an army we were much more relaxed and had a lot of fun that event.


As we can see from Brooke’s interview, celebrating pride and diversity within armies is incredibly important, and not only does it make members feel celebrated and honoured, but it also makes for a fun event where members can relax.


The current pride events truly show what a diverse and accepting place CPAL is, and with more events planned for later this month by SWAT, Water Vikings and Elites to name a few, this army league reporter can’t wait to see all the fun and creative tactics members of the community come up with.

What do YOU think? Are these pride events just a one-off replacement for physical parades? Or will they become a tradition in order to celebrate diversity within the army community?


 Sophy Bee

CPAL Reporter

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