Breaking News: Epic101 Removed from CPAL

Disclaimer: The interview was conducted prior to myself becoming apart of the CPAL news team. I’ve interviewed CPAL personnel not under the CPAL banner, but rather independent to prevent any form of bias.

Slushy, CPAL Headquarters – The Club Penguin Army League, a CP Army media site which began in 2018 following the revival of armies thanks to private servers such as the infamous Club Penguin Online, has seen the ejection of Epicmaster101, co-founder of the platform, from their team.

Following the demise of Disney’s Club Penguin in 2017, armies were divided between leaving the community or scattering throughout Private Servers such as, Club Penguin Rewritten, and many others. Virtual Penguin, a well-known server in the CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) community, was headed by Riley, or better known in CPA as Waterkid100. Using his well-versed knowledge on private servers, he soon began his own, naming it Club Penguin Online. In contrast to Disney’s edition, CPO was well in favor of armies and even promoted it through tactics such as gifting free coins for attending events, and also adding codes to receive uniforms. To organize such armies that soon took over the server, Riley and Epic101, fellow CPA Legend similar to Waterkid, began the Club Penguin Private League. Currently, CPAL is one of the most viewed CPA media sites and continues to produce content without hindrance from CPO’s controversial shutdown.

Club Penguin Online. (@CourtsJayne_CPO) | Twitter

Club Penguin Online, one of the biggest private servers prior to their recent shutdown following a copyright claim by the Disney company.

On June 11th, 2020, the CP Army League Discord, where the media site mainly operates, has reported that the League will be shut down briefly until their staff finishes reconstruction the chat. 32op, current Head of Board and Chief Executive Officer at CPAL announced,

“CPAL will be down for some time as we are revamping the discord. Stay tuned. Our new website is”

Based on 32op’s announcement, the league is likely using the opportunity of Epic’s disappearance to modify the League to fill the gap of a missing higher up. Although Epic has been a controversial figure in the community due to his association with CPOnline and alleged toxicity, the CPAL staff hasn’t released a statement on Epic’s expulsion. To understand the situation further, I’ve conducted an interview with 32op, the Head of Board and CEO at CPAL seen above.


CPAL: Thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview. I would like to begin with asking the obvious question: why was Epic101, a higher-up at CP Army League who has been linked to the revival of the league, ejected from the organization?

32op: Obviously with the recent allegations of him multilogging, being racist in CPAL chat, unbanning those who broke CPAL rules and much more led the rest of the board members to ultimately remove him from the league

CPAL: Has Epic caused any complications between the Army League and other CPA media sites or armies affliated with CPAL?

32op: I believe he was one of the major reasons why the community could not unite under one.

CPAL: Are there any plans on replacing Epic or is the League’s current Board sufficient to keep functioning?

32op: Currently it will just be us 6 (me, ben, lucifer, mehak, zuke and icey), we’re not looking for any other board members as of now but maybe in the future.

CPAL: How is the league planning on progressing with the absence of Epic?

32op: The league was already managed fine without him?

CPAL: Any final words to the community?

32op: Epic was one of the reasons the community became so huge and connected many. I would like to thank him for everything he did in 2018-2019 to grow the army community. Obviously because of his admin status in CPO, so many users joined CPO armies and stayed with or without CPO. He should not be discredited with his work in that aspect but unfortunately the toxicity he brought into the community was too much. I wish him the best of luck and I look forward to seeing him in tik toks with Addison Rae.


Despite Epic’s admirable feats of growing the army community significantly as remarked by 32op, his abuse of power and contentious behavior led the Board to evicting Epic from their council. The news of Epic’s ejection is recent, but has stirred many unanswered questions from the community. Similarly to 32op, I believe that the League can move past this situation and continue to thrive.

What are YOUR thoughts? Do you think that the Board was mistaken in removing Epic? Or can Epic’s removal justified by his behavior? Can CPAL attempt to unite the community with his absence? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. I think the league is in better hands now. In my opinion, the less shady people there are.

  2. No,what epic did was too much for the cpal,i will miss him too much though. ;(

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  4. man, epic101 cool + supreme. 32op respect him, he might ban u only xD

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