Marines Return To The Community

SLUSHY, Army League HQ: Today the Marines have finally resurfaced after stunning the community a month ago by shutting down soon after reaching sizes of 50+. An inspiration to S/M armies, the Marines were revived just yesterday by Revan and a few other members of the last Marines generation. Let’s see what’s caused this sudden return!

The Marines were founded back in 2006 by Sf1998, being the 5th army to ever be created. After many ups and downs with failed and successful generations, the 2020 Marines generation was born on April 1st. Originally led by Fish, Cliff, and Gingersnap, they certainly stood out. Maxing 33 on their debut event, and continuing to rise, they quickly became a major army.

After Buddy’s sudden announcement of Marines’ shutdown, nobody had expected that Marines would return so soon. With CPO and many other Club Penguin Private Servers closing, will this generation live up to its predecessors—or even better, surpass them?

Looking at their staff team, it’s quite possible. Cliff (Ice Warriors Leader in Training) former Marines leader is advising them with Bucky (Pirates leader) returning as Marines Godfather. Reven’s chosen Faith (former Animal Kingdom leader), JoelFreak and Kyle (Dark Warriors 3rd in command) to be a part of their hcom. All well-experienced individuals, it’ll be interesting to see how this team works together.

We’re definitely glad to see them return. They’ve become a favorite within the army league, known for being one of the fastest growing S/M armies, and one of the best. The Army League had a huge uproar at their shutdown. Several small ‘Bring back Marines’ protests and even an incomplete investigation arose hours after Buddy made the announcement.

It’ll be exciting to see what this new generation has in store for us! Let’s see what their leader, Reven, has to say.

“I’d like to say that Marines are back for one last time, so anyone who wants to be a apart of marines should join now and i ask for any former marines to come home to help us become what we can which is a major power in this community also that’ll we be making some big waves very soon.”

There you have it, Marines are back in business, and Reven is positive that they’ll live up to the Marines legacy. Although they’ve started off quiet with a small training event earlier today at 3:00 p.m. EST, they reached a max of 18. Rather small for the Marines—but certainly impressive for their debut event. If they keep this up, we’ve got a big storm coming!


What do YOU think? Are YOU ready for them? Do YOU think this new Marines will live up to its legacy? Or will it be forced to close its doors again? Tell us what YOU think! 


CP Army League Reporter-in-Training

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  1. WAAAAAA OTTER YOUR FIRST POST IS SO GOOD and welcome back Marines!


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