New Administration Changes

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters- In the midst of the Legends Cup, CPAL has seen several changes, clearly seen when the discord server was on lockdown due to a revamp. The most prominent change we’ve seen is the dismissal of Epic101, well known army vet and Pirates Commander. These changes have been made to continue to help CPAL grow, thrive, and become a better community. 

A lot of you have heard the news about the Pirates multilogging scandal in the legends cup  which has led to their disqualification from the tournament. This is not the first time epic has played unfairly in tournaments or CPA in general. Not only has epic used his position of power to gain unfair advantages, he has also created and brought a lot of drama to our community. His dismissal was a long time coming and we hope to only move in a positive direction from now on. 


Being rid of Epic has led us to make several more administration changes. The most prominent change seen by others would be the revamp of the discord server. We’ve made it so that unnecessary channels and roles have been deleted so that everything we have is essential. We’ve reset the judge role and look to hire judges again to ensure that the judges will be active and have adequate experience to make sure battles are judged as best as possible. 


Alongside this, we’ve also changed the reporters roles so we have reporters in training, reporters, and editors. We have recently merged with CPANC (Club Penguin Army News Central) with experienced reporters such as Earthing, Zamb, Dino, and others who will be working with CPAL and our news team. Graphic designs will also be readily implemented into our website and other aspects of CPAL with the help of graphic designers such as Zamb, Ben, and Zuke. 

We hope to keep improving CPAL and that this new changes will help us move in the right direction. As always feel free to leave a comment if you have any other suggestions.


Mehak, Lucifer, 32op, Zuke, IceyFeet, Ben
CP Army League Board of Directors


2 Responses

  1. Maybe judges in training? i’m pretty sure people want to judge a battle but don’t know how to judge one.
    They should also get helped.


  2. if you were judge before and you were active you should still have judge


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