The Erikas Join The Community!

SLUSHY, CPAL HQ- We have seen the rise of a few newer small/medium armies due to many of them shutting their doors. Some of them jokingly named or with some significance behind them that implies they are joking, but with this new Army called the Erikas, (which just so happens to be the creator’s name) are they an army that was made for the sake of humor or do they mean business? Read on to learn more about this army!

Initially, the server was created by Royals leader Erika. She never applied to become official because the server intended to be a joke. However, leadership was passed on to StarrySophie on June 8th and was told she can do whatever she wants with the server. In response to her newfound privilege, she decided to make Erikas an official army.

Erikas at the event they became official, shown to have 10 midst event.

In March, the first event took place when two of Erika’s closest friends and herself created the army. We followed around the judge, Mythic, during one of the battles he was judging. It was simply created as a joke army back when Club Penguin Online was around. It was never planned to become official. Their intent was to follow around battle judges and cheer them on. Each small battle judged by friends usually 3-7 of the Erikas raided and danced around the judge and said various tactics to encourage those judging the battles.

Erikas following a judge around the CP island

To find out more about the history behind the Erikas, I looked around for individuals with authority at the Erikas server. Luckily, I managed to grab a word with the current Royals leader and creator of this self-titled army, Erika! Lets see what she has to say:


CPAL: Thanks so much for responding. The Erikas army, was it ever a joke or is it something more?

Erika: It was primarily a joke. I didn’t even expect the army to become official but when I passed on leadership to StarrySophie, she definitely started considering it to be something more.

CPAL: What was your initial response when Erikas became official?

Erika: Well personally, I was a bit embarrassed considering the army itself being modeled after me. That being said, I was very happy for those who wanted this to become a thing.

CPAL: How much potential do you think the Erikas have?

Erika: With their goal being primarily bothering the judges, I believe Erika’s will certainly have a reputation. Will they make it big? Honestly I hope not but that’s not up to me. Their potential is entirely up to StarrySophie.

CPAL: So everyone knows the truth, have you contracted FURRID-19?

Erika: No comment.

CPAL: Thanks so much for the interview, any last comments to those reading?

Erika: All my homies hate toast

As seen from the interview, the Erikas were intended to be a joke. However, with the rise of a new leader who had the permission from Erika herself to do whatever she desired with the army, they soon became official. We can see that the Erikas may end up being a problem for the judges at battles if the Erikas are continually following them around. And now they are official, they are bound to gain more followers. On a side note, even more suspicion has been raised after Erika replied with ‘No Comment’ when I asked her to reveal if she was a furry or not.


What do you think? Will the Erikas grow to unseen heights and become one of the best armies? Or will they be a hassle for the judges? Is there more evidence to prove that the Royals are furries or if the Erikas are going to be the next army to join the furry life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Lep (Truspira)

CP Army League Reporter


CP Army League Editor

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