The Erikas of CP are the next Army to contract FURRID-19?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ-We have seen the rise of the extremely severe pandemic going by the name of FURRID-19 and so far, we believe we have identified four armies that have been affected by the pandemic. These armies are the Animal Kingdom (now shut down), the Royals, the Pirates ,the Ice Warriors and perhaps even the Golden Troops or Doritos now Animal Kingdom merged into GT and the leaders became HCOM in Doritos. Well I believe we have identified a fifth army that we may need to watch out for if we wish to contain FURRID-19: The Erikas.

First of all, what is FURRID 19?

As explained by IW Leader Regan, FURRID-19 is a computer virus which can affect the Club Penguin Army League community. CP Army League Head of Board Mehakk has been confirmed to be ‘Patient Zero’. The virus can have an extreme effect on the changes of a persons behavior in the Army League community. For example, Mehakk, has been sending Furry server invites to the Royals staff, and began the spread.


So, what do the Erikas have to do with this?

The Erikas have been up for less than a week but suspicions are beginning to rise.

To start with, the name of the Erikas army may ring a bell if you read this post by Regan ——> The Royals Pandemic

In the post, Regan outlines why the Royals are in danger and focuses a lot on the Royals leader ‘Erika’ who we believe has contracted FURRID-19.

Also, when I, Lep, recently interviewed Erika for her army, I asked her to reveal if she was a Furry. The response was this:

Erika providing ‘No Comment’ when she was aked to reveal if she was a Furry or not.

If you still don’t believe me, look at the Erikas of CP logo. Is it just me or does that look a bit Furry-ish?

Logo of the Erikas

But the evidence does not stop there. Looking at both this logo and the uniform of the Erikas, we can see that the Animal Kingdom army and the Erikas both have very similar uniforms, both wearing the ‘Guardian Dog Muzzle’ item. Here is a comparison between the two armies’ uniforms for you all to see for yourselves.

Both army uniforms put side by side

I managed to get a word with Erika Leader in Training Maroon who can hopefully shine some light on the case.


CPAL: Thanks for the interview! So, you are aware of the FURRID-19 Pandemic, correct?

Maroon: Yes I am, it’s spreading quickly, scary stuff!

CPAL: Well one of the armies believed to have contracted FURRID-19, Animal Kingdom, had a very similar uniform to the Erikas. Can you explain this?

Maroon: Well, I’m actually just undercover in Erikas, keeping an eye on the situation, I’m aware that Leila and the rest of AK were massive furries, and so far I’ve spotted a few furries in the ranks of Erikas, luckily I’ve been vaccinated!

CPAL: How do you feel that Erika, the founder of the army may be a Furry herself and what impact might this have on the army?

Maroon: Well she has stepped back from a leadership role but I believe she may have passed the disease on to Sophie, the new leader.

CPAL: When I interviewed Erika recently, she said that the armies purpose was to follow judges around and cheer them on. Do you think the CP Judges should prepare to be infected with FURRID-19 or are they safe for now?

Maroon: I believe they should be incredibly worried, the Erikas get very close to judges and quite a few have been found to be FURRID-19 positive, judges are not safe at all!

CPAL: Do you think this will impact battles and battle scores?

Maroon: Yes as the judges may be more focussed on catching FURRID than focusing on tactics, this is a dark time for us all.

CPAL: Thanks for the interview! Want to say anything to readers or warn them about the looming threat that is FURRID-19?

Maroon: Stay away from the Royals and the Erikas!

As seen from the interview above, Maroon is taking extreme care around the Erikas and believes no judge is safe because the Erikas are known for following the CP judges around the map! He also says that he has spotted some Furries in the ranks of the Erikas. Is this true and our case has been confirmed or just a false alarm? Only time will tell.


What do you think? With strong proof to suggest the Erikas are the next army to catch Furrid-19 are the CP Judges going to be safe? And will this impact our battles or worse, the Legends Cup with the finals coming round the corner? How much time do we have before all armies are infected and what will be the next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. oh no,
    good thing im not infected ((btw AK is shutdown…)also quickly someone make a anti FURRID-19 army!!!)


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