King Mythic Retires From Armies

AVALANCHE, Elite’s Empire – in a not so shocking turn of events, Mythic, former Elites’ leader has announced his retirement following some slight inactivity. Elites are an army who came back less than two months ago and are already a consistent contender within the Top Five every week; so what will this retirement mean for the Elites? Let’s take a look together.


The Elites were resurrected in May by Simmonds2000, LuciferStar and King Mythic, after a disagreement with the Special Weapons & Tactics leadership. Both Simmonds2000 and King Mythic are well respected army veterans, with leadership in Special Weapons & Tactics and Templars respectively. LuciferStar was a newer kid on the block, having only really holding staff positions in armies – with an ownership position in Special Weapons & Tactics, but is already out making history with the Elites. With their experience combined, they wanted to create their own army and ultimately decided on bringing back the Elites – created all the way back in 2007 by 77Ninja, and so far the Elites have been doing pretty well with reaching sizes of 30-40 consistently. Below is a screenshot of their reopening event, held on May 5th.

Elites’ opening event with sizes of 25+, performing a “King Conor” tactic – held May 5th

Now that we’re caught up with the history of the Elites’ this generation; let’s take a look as to why Mythic has decided to retire after a month and a half of solid rising and great events every few days.

Mythic’s Retirement

On the 14th June, at around 7:00 pm UK time – Mythic, Elites leader, had announced his retirement in a sort of lengthy post on the Elites’ website. In the post, he goes over his time in armies and also gives some honourable mentions to people he’s met throughout his career, and it’s a great read. Below is an excerpt of the post:

In complete honesty this decision has been a long time coming. I’ve never really liked leading, too much drama, and stress. Leading also turns me kinda toxic if I’m being honest, which is not good for any person in any position. I make rash decisions, ignore real life, and spend way too much #### talking to others (even to their faces :huehue:) lol.

– Retirement of Mythic (click to read the full post) – WARNING: POST CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE

As we can see, the thought process behind his retirement was that he wasn’t a huge fan of leading; and something that was not mentioned here was that Mythic was becoming a little inactive due to class. We at CPAL hope that Mythic can get his real life back on track, whilst advising the Elites to the best of his ability.

I wanted to grab an interview with Mythic, to get his thoughts on his retirement and the Elites as a whole.

Interview with Mythic, Elites Advisor & Retired Leader

CPAL: What caused your decision to retire from the Elites?

uhhh, school ngl, I’d missed quite a few events due to class, and also the fact that I’m not really a leader yk? I’d rather just advise.

CPAL: What’s your next steps?

I mean I’m gonna be around elites just chilling, and around discord just chilling whenever I have free time. I’m hoping to stay retired for a while, so not gonna be joining any armies. I’ll still be judging battles (whenever they start happening again) and focus on school and Irl a bit more than I’ve been doing recently

CPAL: How do you think the Elites will do with your retirement?

Probably better than when I was around ngl, I messed around too much, made crappy mistakes with perms (like that one time I gave the entire server admin for 8 minutes without noticing) and they have more experienced and more capable leaders than I was (firestar and simmonds) and they also have Lucifer who’s been hashing out plans left and right as if he’s a real life General or something.

CPAL: What has been your favourite moment in Club Penguin Armies?

honestly theres so many, it’d be difficult to pick one for my overall, but for elites I think it’d definitely be at the very beginning where 2 days after the creation of the server and on the “operation official” we hit 25 penguins, I was really surprised honestly I was thinking itd be just us (emperors) and our CPA friends that would be there, but there were a heck ton of troops that showed up

CPAL: Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to say for the readers?

Cargo, I’m not gonna sing Wonderwall unless it’s a duet

As we can see from the interview, Mythic is very hopeful for the Elites; stating that they will “probably rise,” which is one way to look at your retirement. Hopefully both Mythic and Elites have ended on good terms, as he will remain in an advisory position for the time being and may even return sometime in the future.
In my opinion, I think that Mythic has contributed a lot to the Elites’ success, and it’s a shame to see him go. However, with recent owner shuffling (with promotions of Austin to Leader-in-Training and Firestar08 to Emperor) then I truly think the Elites’ War Machine will continue to pummel people; and I wish the boys good luck.
What do YOU think? Will the Elites’ continue rise? Do YOU think Mythic’s retirement will impact them positively or negatively? Let me know what YOU think in the comments!

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