Irish Republican Army becomes Official!

THE GREAT LAND OF IRELAND, IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY’S PUB – Regan, leader of both Alberto Warriors and Ice Warriors, has found himself leading a new army to victory. However, this army is motivated based on a historical grudge rather than the urge to dominate the server map. Together with 8 other leaders, what are the intentions of this new army known as the Irish Republican Army? Read on to find out!

On June 17th, 2020, The Irish Republican Army has made their entrance into the Club Penguin Army League. The IRA was created by Regan, who leads alongside 2funky3, Luna, Freezie, River, Kyle, Flamez, Zoomey, & Newnickie. These 9 leaders, whom include veterans of CPA, experienced leaders, as well as a CPA Legend within their ranks, are very passionate about their army and have a strong hatred for the British. The name & concept of Irish Republican Army of CP were inspired by an Irish Army in the past called the, “Irish Republican Army”  which had a strong hatred for the British that the IRA of Club Penguin mimics today.

IRA BACKSTORY – The original Irish Republican Army (IRA) fought a guerrilla war against British rule in Ireland during the Irish War of Independence, which took place between 1919 and 1921. Following the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty on December 6th, 1921, the IRA in the 26 counties that were to become the Irish Free State split between supporters and opponents of the Treaty. The anti-Treatyites, sometimes referred to by as Irregulars, continued to use the name Irish Republican Army (IRA) or in Irish, Óglaigh na hÉireann, as did the organisation in Northern Ireland which originally supported the pro-Treaty side (if not the Treaty). Óglaigh na hÉireann was also adopted as the name of the pro-Treaty National Army, and remains the official legal title of the Irish defense forces. These events that transpired in the past have eventually inspired the IRA of CP.

To further understand the intentions of this army, I was lucky enough to grab an interview with one of the many IRA’s leaders, Lvna! 

(Note: This interview has been modified grammatically and does not change what the interviewee has said or intended to say.)

Interview with Luna, leader of Irish Republican Army

CPAL: when was the Irish Republican Army created?

the irish republican army was created in our hearts since birth, but only put into action at the day of writing this.

CPAL: wow, that is amazing, what are your goals moving forward?

our goals are to spread our ideology through the hearts of many who may not have known about the ira. we are a group of very passionate people who will fight for our country at any cost.

CPAL: So, as I’m putting this, you guys don’t like the British? and, I see that you guys are really passionate about not liking them, why is that?

if you know ireland’s history, we do not have a good history with the english. from all of the segregation, to the wars over centuries and their prior possession of our country, it’s just wrong. we feel that our country deserves to be a FULL republic, so that’s why we fight for our strong and correct ideology.

CPAL: oh, okay then. it was very nice talking to you, lvna.

thank you for listening to me today! i hope you learnt something new.

CPAL: i most certainly did, thank you.

bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas!


Based on the interview, leader Luna has shown a great sense of nationalism for Ireland. Their tactics imply that the troops serving the Irish Republican Army share similar, or likely even greater love for their country of Ireland. If history doesn’t repeat itself, perhaps the Irish Republican Army can prevail in unity for the sake of Ireland. I believe that because the IRA of CP have plent of hatred for the British Empire of CP, It will give them motivation for upcoming events, ultimately driving the IRA to succeed!


   What do you think about the IRA of CP? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!          

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