Royal Warriors Regally Enter the Community

UNKNOWN KINGDOM, ROYAL WARRIORS  – In the times of uncertainty with CPPS’, many armies entered the community before CPATG’s shutdown. Recently, the Royal Warriors have entered the community in CPAL. To learn more about this new army, read more!

The Royal Warriors became verified on June 13th, 2020 in CPAL. Due to the eased requirements in CPAM, they had already gotten verified much earlier. They are the only Spanish Army in CPAL, putting them in a unique position among the rest of the armies. Lead by Nacho and StampPin, after a quest to get verification over weeks became true. Donning a red shield, they have made their mark on the community maxing 14 at their final verification event.

Royal Warriors’ Recent Event, claiming to have a max of 20 and average of 18.

As the CPPS crisis continues on, Royal Warriors plans to use the Spanish CPPS Super Club Penguin and New Club Penguin as a backup, but in this time the future is unknown. Whether or not they choose to stay on Super Club Penguin, it may receive a DMCA. This army does not have much known about it. The theme seems to be knights, but with the limited amount of items in CPPS’ they may have to change that.

To get more information on this seemingly mysterious army, I interviewed StampPin, Royal Warriors creator. What he had to say was quite interesting.


Interview with StampPin, Royal Warrior’s Creator!

CPAL: Why did you choose to make RW?

Well, I made royal warriors, with the end that it was the largest Spanish army of all CPPS. I did what I wanted to do royal warriors is the largest Spanish army :slight_smile:

CPAL: How do you feel about you being the only Spanish army in CPAL? (therefore the largest)
Well, I am not the only Spanish army there are other armies like LFA, DF and others, I feel good, I feel happy and satisfied with myself, Royal Warriors has a great future, last week I was top 10 in CPAM, now I reach the top 1, I want to advance with Royal Warriors, until I become an army with 3000 members or more. (Attached was a photo of Royal Warriors at the top of S/M  top ten for CPAM.)

CPAL: You’re quite optimistic and ambitious. How do you feel about the closing of CPATG? Does that effect you?

I feel a little bad the truth, a staff from my army is a moderator there, I gave him a few days off so that his misfortune would pass, and that does not complicate anything for me, I will continue and continue until all the CPPS are eliminated, the next one I go to is the new club penguin, if they eliminate it I go to SCP, if they eliminate SCP I will go ahead, but I will not eliminate the army

StampPin had no other thoughts on the matter.
As you read above, StampPin is quite determined on making RW a successful army. He will go across as many CPPS’ as he needs for his troops to stay in place.

But what do YOU think? Will Royal Warriors live up to its hopes? Or will it crumble to the ground? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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