Where Did Alberto Go?

Slushy- Army League Headquarters- Upon the entry of Alberto, the league was taken back the amount of energy this boomer of a leader had towards his best creation yet, the Alberto Warriors, but as of late, Alberto has been missing-in-action. Where in the world did he go? My mission was to uncover where he is in this article.

Satire Warning– All respect for this article goes to Alberto.

Alberto, leader of the Alberto Warriors, came in with quite an entrance. Although not much was known about him, it was rumored that Alberto was Albert417, who was the second leader of Ice Warriors back in 2013. Although, Alberto’s identity was never proven to be Albert417, his leadership style is rumored to be very similar to the legend himself Albert417. The identity of Alberto has not been revealed to the public as of recently, so today, I will be going into my suspects on who Alberto could be.


But the question that many of us still have: where in the world did Alberto go?


As always, I decided to get my hands dirty and finally figure out where in the world he went and why we haven’t heard much about the Alberto Warriors since their invasion of Fighter Pilots’ capital.

My first step was to directly message him and find out if he would respond to me.


To this day, I have still not received a response…

Who knows if I’ll ever get a reply from the short-lived icon that was Alberto…


Alberto came into full force on June 5th 2020, and the Army League got to experience the wrath of Alberto in full force as he immediately planned an invasion of Frostbite against the Fighter Pilots, which ultimately, the Alberto Warriors came out victorious. As far as we know, this could be the last that we see of the Alberto Warriors attempting to get onto the Army League map. All we can ask for is that Alberto comes back to his beloved home of Alberto Warriors, and continues to lead his army to glory. But if Alberto is secretly Albert417, we might see a whole new side to Alberto that we have never seen before. Maybe he will make a return to his original home of the Ice Warriors and help lead them to even more glory than they have already seen as of late with their recent success in the Legends Cup. That is a big if, however.


Foreshadowing? Could Alberto become the next leader of the Ice Warriors?


His last message came in the Alberto Warriors server on June 16th 2020. His message was in response to a recent defacement of the Alberto Warriors server by Regan. As you will soon see, Regan, a vet of the Red Robbers Army, decided it was time to move forward from the Alberto Warriors, and rebrand the army into the Red Robbers. Alberto was not too happy with this decision, and took out his long time hatred of Regan in a message to the entire server.


Alberto’s Hatred towards Regan can be clearly seen in this image.

With this growing feud of Alberto and Regan, it makes sense as to why Alberto hasn’t been seen since. But the question still remains: Where did he go? When can we expect a return? Only time will tell when we see the classic words, “I am Alberto” show up on all of our screens again.


Since Alberto dropped off the face of the earth, who knows when we will see him again. His presence was brief, yet dominant in the world of Army League, and he is someone who should not be forgotten as we may have to potentially move forward without his presence.


What do YOU think? Where do YOU think Alberto went? And when can we expect his return? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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  1. i heard he does car commercials in japan


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