Fedd Joins the Water Vikings Leadership

Frostbite, Water Viking Nation – A new commander was crowned on June 20th, 2020 at the Water Vikings, and it is none other than the old-time army member Fedd. Find out more about Fedd’s history with armies and an exclusive interview with the new leader himself!

Fedd has been part of Water Vikings since they were known as Golden Guardians, and he was a second-in-command. As a member of armies, his experience dates back to old Club Penguin Armies when he was a middle ranking moderator in the legendary army Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). He has stuck to the Water Vikings for a long time now, and his effort got rewarded in this announcement by WV leader and CPA Legend KingFunks4 at 11 am GMT:

Announcement by WV Leader KingFunks4

The response to this huge announcement was consistent, with Viking congratulating him wholeheartedly on the achievement. Considering that WV is presently engaged in a war against the Templars, this new addition of an experienced warrior can only prove beneficial for them. The other leaders of were very fulsome in their praise for their new colleague.

He has been our 2ic since we were the Golden Guardians, we’ve gotten to see him in action for a while now and we all agree he is someone we can trust to lead alongside us. It’ll only make us stronger, we’re already winning the war and I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon. We’re confident in Fedd’s leadership skills.

-Buddy, WV Leader, on Fedd’s promotion and its impact on their war

Another Leader was very exuberant on this new development.

Fedd has been 2ic for the whole of this Water Vikings generation, as well as the Golden Guardians and Shadow Troops beforehand, showing incredible loyalty. He has done an incredible job and over the past couple of weeks he has become more involved with the leadership and decisions that were being made. We felt that his experience, commitment and extraordinary leadership more than warranted a promotion to leader and I have no doubt he will succeed.

-KingFunks4, WV Leader, on Fedd’s rise to leadership.

Seeing this spirit from the WV members, CPAL decided to interview the man in the limelight himself- read below for an interview with Fedd.

Interview with Fedd, leader of Water Vikings

CPAL: Congratulations on becoming leader. Do you think you can take on this opportunity to lead Vikings to further greatness?

I think with the opportunity to work with my brilliant fellow leaders we will successfully be able to continue to grow the Water Vikings and bring them into further greatness.

CPAL: You have been the second-in-command since a long time for WV, what were the reasons for you being added to the leadership now?

Well it was in discussion for quite a while, as well as the promotion of another key member. So I believe that the current leaders felt that I could be trusted with the responsibility of becoming leader.

CPAL: What are your plans for Water Vikings after your current war is over, as a leader?

My personal plans are to continue to grow and later maintain our sizes post-war, as well as implement any changes that could benefit the army in its future.

CPAL: Despite registering in the CPAL some time ago, Water Vikings haven’t really been active on the map. Do you plan on bringing a change in this?

I suppose it will most definitely be on our minds going forward, especially when our current war with Templars comes to a final conclusion.

CPAL: Cool. Any final message for the readers?

  No, except thank you for the chance to be interviewed.
CPAL: Thank you for your time, and good luck on your future as the leader.
Another leader joins the Water Vikings, as they continue riding their wave to the top. And as Fedd said, that is not going to be the end as another key member will be promoted soon, which can only indicate that the Water Vikings are getting ready to get into business soon.
What do YOU think about Fedd’s new position? Will he be a part of something that will go down in history as the best there ever was? Or will this effort be in vain? Comment your thoughts below!




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