O’Regan619 and the Furry Mystery

Slushy, CPAL- The recent days in this army community have seen a wave of allegations and satire posts by a man named O’Regan619, also known as Regan. Today I am here to settle once and for all the mystery of FURRID-19 and why such allegations were made by this sick twisted man, who I, unfortunately, lead the Ice Warriors with. Please be aware that this post contains heavy use of SATIRE.

First and foremost, note that I will be talking about O’Regan619 here. Now Regan, who is the same person as O’Regan619, (just more “evolved” as he proclaims) will argue that he is not the same person as the topic of this post. This leads us to a similar arguement that has taken place in our army community recently and is something I would like to call the “Da Best Paradox.” Now Da Best Paradox is a very complicated commodity and is not the easiest to understand. We all know Da Best as the Janitor’s and Ice Doritos creator and legend and also the inspiration behind my legendary Da Best army which was unfortunately terminated, however, Da Best was a man who was not very reliable in terms of honesty and level-headedness. This is where the Da Best paradox comes into play.

afk da best

As you can see above, Da Best claims that he is not the man in the picture Regan showed because, in that picture, he went by a name insignificantly different from his own even though we all know that he was the man in the picture. This will be the same argument Regan will make, claiming that he is not the same person as O’Regan619, the man under trial in this post. Sadly for Regan, any argument he makes about identities now will be disregarded.

Now, to solve the mystery of FURRID-19, I present my theory that O’Regan619, himself, is the true host of FURRID-19 and he just uses people like Mehakk, Otter and myself as a deflector shield.

To begin my presenting of evidence, I decided to interview the man closest to O’Regan619 and his name is Agent 11, a fellow leader of the Ice Warriors.

Interview with Agent 11, confidant to O’Regan619 and leader of Ice Warriors

CPAL: Hello Mr. Agent 11. How are you this fine evening?

Wonderful weather we’re having.

CPAL: Ok so I am here to discuss your co-leader, Regan. Can you, as a long time army veteran confirm that he is the same person as O’Regan619?

I can confirm this.

CPAL: Have you noticed any significantly odd things while leading with this man?

Yes, when he first came back he was a normal drunk lad; however, when I brought him into leadership, he started… making strange noises. He also does weird things with his body and sometimes has random pieces of fur… very odd to me

CPAL: Interesting… Why do you think O’Regan chose to expose Mehakk, Otter, and myself?

You see, Mr. Madhav, it’s a very common trick people like to do. They point the finger to everyone but themselves so they look innocent.

CPAL: Exactly what I was thinking! Do you think he himself is the sole contributor for the spread of FURRID-19 in the CPA community?

You know, with pictures being leaked of O’Regan619 himself being at furrycon, it explains where the random fur spots came from… I hear him bark in his sleep too. I’m starting to see others in IW do such actions too, and I am becoming concerned about my co-leaders and I because we work closely together. May God have mercy on us all.

CPAL: So in conclusion, is O’regan619 a furry?

It is with a heavy heart that I say yes to this question.

So this interview shares the opinion of a man who spends a lot of time with O’Regan619 and his testimony on the situation gives us new information previously unheard of. For example, Agent 11 claims that O’Regan, since joining IW leadership, has begun to make strange noises and even begun to do odd things with his body, sometimes involving fur. In addition, he has been seen barking in his sleep and Agent 11 claims that he is concerned about his troops due to this man.

Another interesting thing 11 pointed out was the Furrycon incident. O’Regan619 claimed in a previous post that he, in fact, went to Furrycon to expose Mehakk. Though he did not find any sign of Mehakk at this Phoenix-based convention, he claimed to have made life-long friends at such a place.


Regan(far left) at Furrycon with his new amigos.

So what was O’Regan really doing at Furrycon, you may ask? No he wasn’t simply there looking for Mehakk. In fact, he didn’t even know Mehakk the last time a furry convention took place near Phoenix. The last Furcon to take place in Arizona happened from January 3rd-5th, before Mehakk and O’Regan even knew of one another.


The last known Furcon in the Arizona area.

This just means that O’Regan truly went to Furcon for his own pleasure and gain and never to look for Mehakk’s attendance. In addition to this Earth-shattering and ground-breaking piece of evidence, O’Regan619 left another lie in his path of terror and deceit.
log on for skaters

The Skaters, however, had not even been born during the time of Furrycon Phoenix. Their first appearance into a CPAL Top Ten was on March 8th, 2020 while Furrycon was two months prior. Agent 11 has clearly noticed changes since O’Regan made his return to Club Penguin armies and I’d like to believe that all of the smokescreens he threw were false and O’Regan himself is a furry. O’Regan claimed that he paraded around Furrycon with his pet puffle Franklin, using it as bait hoping his Mehakk would bite (literally) and by the end of Furrycon, he even gathered those in penguin costumes and recruited them into his army, the Ice Warriors. So it seems that it is actually HIM who is responsible for the spread of the FURRID-19 virus in the Ice Warriors army. Instead of taking responsibility like a good leader, he starts to point fingers.

For my last piece of evidence, I would like to go back to the days of January 2011, a time where O’Regan619 led an army called the Red Robbers of Club Penguin. His time leading this army is why I believe O’Regan turned into a furry.  For starters, let us look at the header and symbol of the Red Robbers.

red robbers cp

If this doesn’t scream a young furry, I don’t know what does.

O’Regan’s final post on the Red Robbers website took place on January 11th, 2011 and was one which announced his retirement from the Red Robbers army and it read as quoted:

“hi oregan here i am retireing so you can leave the work to zipyman so ya now dat my club penguin membership  is over i have no choice but to retire cya”

Basically, O’Regan619 lost his Club Penguin membership due to expiration and made the wise decision to retire. Personally, I believe that after the occurrence of such an event, O’Regan looked for other options on the internet to quench his thirst of boredom. Due to this, I firmly believe he discovered and resorted to the ways of a furry. His involvement in the Furry community at such an early age definitely shaped the way he is today and I think that said Furry community took a young O’Regan in with open arms after the traumatizing event of him losing his Club Penguin membership.


With that being said, this concludes my evidence proving that O’Regan619 is indeed a furry. He goes around pretending to be some detective who is credible but the truth is, he uses the means of attacking innocent people such as myself, Mehakk and Otter to hide who he truly is because he is afraid. Me, on the other hand, is not someone ashamed of what I do. Yes, I do indeed enjoy dressing up as different animals on CPA: TG but this does NOT make me a furry like Regan. 32op, the man who gets delivered these pictures sometimes indeed does ask for them but I digress.


What do YOU think!? Did O’Regan put down the reputation of others to raise his own? Did the disheartening event of O’Regan losing his Club Penguin membership lead him to become a furry? Let me know…

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