Druids Make a Magical Entrance

Unknown Territory, Druid Nation: Pack your golden sickles, rock your favorite white robes, because the Druids of Club Penguin have joined the CPAL. However, there is more to this army than meets the eye.

An ancient group of high-ranking Celts, Druids are known as powerful people who had immense knowledge of nature as well as magic, making them formidable opponents. This army is no different, and already stands strong considering it was formed on 17 July and maxed 11 (average max 10) in their first event.

Druid Gathering 

It can be observed that almost all of their current members are from other armies. This army has a backstory quite similar to some of the new armies that have been springing up- it was created as a meme army, and then the members decided to make it a real one.

After seeing that we maxed 10 on our first event, I decided I really wanted to see the army grow.

-Neo, Creator and Leader of Druids.

Quite an interesting fact about these magical beings is that the aim of the army is to “beat up” AustinFraud, who is currently leader-in-training in the Elites. This is declared by them right in the first server rule:

Even though we are no longer a meme army, I still wanna beat up Austin :finger_guns:

-Tia/Gugspugs, Temporary Leader.

To find out more about this Celtic-period army, CPAL decided to interview their current leader Neo, who is also the creator of the army.

Interview with Neo, Creator and Leader of the Druids

CPAL: What was the reason behind joining CPAL now?

We decided to join CPAL because we wanted to be recognized for the army we had built in just a day. We started on 17th June and had our first event on 18th June where we maxed 11, so we decided to become official then.

CPAL: What is the goal of this army?

The goal of this army is to bring peace to the CPAL community. It is unlikely we will ever be involved in wars or battles for land, but we will be holding events like training, games, and all kinds of fun stuff until the time is right to make our move on the server map.

CPAL: Your server rules clearly indicate that you despise AustinFraud, what is the reason for that?

Originally, our army was called People Who Want To Beat Up Noob Austin Army of Club Penguin (or PWWTBUNAAOCP for short), so that rule still remains as a marker of our true beginnings. However, we only wanted to beat him up. We don’t despise him. He did take away our perms in Elites CPPS to transform into a gigantic Darth Herbert, so we wanted to beat him up to give it back, but we don’t hate him.
CPAL: This army was known before in the community as a meme army, what are your thoughts on that?
A meme army is where we began and we will always acknowledge that. Before the rebrand into Druids, what brought us together was our common goal of wanting to beat up Austin. So even though we are no longer a meme army, we will always hold that time in our army’s history dear in our hearts.(edited)

CPAL: As Druids, you are known as beings who can cast powerful magical spells which can prove lethal for nations, will you be using this magic to remove other armies from the competition?

Yes, definitely. We will be holding special magic training events for this purpose.

CPAL: Any message for the readers?

please beat up austinfraud he wont let me transform into darth herbert please im begging you if you see this man please beat him up

CPAL: Okay, thanks for your time.

As you can see, these Druids certainly plan on harvesting the CPAL land with their golden sickles in the near future. You can certainly rest assured that your armies will soon be under an influx of powerful magical curses and spells, designed to bring about your downfall, and maybe your favorite leaders will be influenced into making wrong decisions by these powerful Druids.
What do YOU think about the Druids of CP? Will they ever magically rise to the top of S/M armies? Or will their magic backfire into their own face? Comment your thoughts below!








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