Jester joins the Doritos leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital- With the Doritos experiencing an unexpected loss in the legends cup and the retirement of Badboy and Zire. CPA and Doritos legend, Jester has joined the DCP leadership and have taken the challenge to get that top spot in the universal Top ten. Let’s Read more to find out why he decided to join the army community after a long period of time.

On June 22nd, Jester officially announced his return in the army community as the main leader of Doritos of CP with few common goals in mind– to bring back the Doritos to the to, train his subordinates, and get to know the new army community. You may see an excerpt of his post below:

My goals and my leadership philosophy is to hopefully mentor my subordinates and develop them into leaders of their own one day! not just in cpps army.. literally life in general. I’ve been away for so long that i don’t really recognize any faces so hopefully i can get to know you guys who have been around longer in this CPPS era. In the coming days i will post a roadmap of what i wish to achieve and some alternate recruiting methods (for staff). I want everyone in this army to know i give chances and trust me.. i want to promote! so don’t think you will never get your chance to make impacts. i hear you and I was once in your shoes.

-Jester, CPA and Doritos Legend

Jester started his army journey back in 2007 where Jester got his first leadership stint with the Doritos alongside many notable figures such as Mustapha, Bam, Wwebestfan, and XxToysoldier. While leading the Doritos, Jester was known for his wartime acumen and tenacity. Some of the greatest wars in DCP history, or of the era in general, were pioneered and masterminded by Jester. During a highly competitive era in armies, the Doritos valiantly waged wars with some of the largest armies at the time such as the Nachos, the Water Vikings, and the Dark Warriors.

Jester proved his worthiness and loyalty by leading legendary armies such as the Light Troops and UMA. He has helped the Light Troops and UMA taste Victory in many historical battles.

Jester leading dcp against the battle between Water Vikings

The current DCP leadership is psyched to be working with Jester and has high hopes to see what he brings into the table. After learning a lot about Jester’s history and his achievements. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Interview with Doritos and CPA Legend, Jester

CPAL: Thank you for conducting this interview with CPAL. You’ve made your name known throughout CPA for your multiple achievements: leading Doritos to victory in many wars, helped the Light Troops rise to greater sizes, revival of Chaos into a superpower, and eventually earning the title of CPA Legend in 2016. Why did you come back to armies, and why Doritos?

I decided to take on an unorthodox role, i’m not going to really be focusing on battle tactics but more on the structure of the army and how the army can survive if someday armies due come to a close, so i will be assuming a big recruiting role however, dont get me wrong i will still lead in battle because after all its how i’ve made it this far. my long term goal is to make the army a community someday. Most importantly for fun. i’ve been pretty bored.

CPAL: As someone who previously knew the ins-and-outs of Doritos, how are you going to approach the army considering that this new CPPS-era differs from Disney’s Club Penguin?


That i’m not sure, it’s a challenge i will have to tackle. I’ve attended a lot of battles and the tactics are way different. i had no idea what flicker tactics meant until recently..thats how outdated i am. but all good leaders overcome and adapt to all situations so it shouldnt be too hard to get used to it. Never hurts to ask questions.

CPAL: Final question, this may not be related to you joining the leadership, rather this is targeted towards the audience. As a CPA Legend, a position that is given to those who’ve worked hard in armies since they first joined and made their impact, what advice do you have to those who want to leave their mark on CPA before it’s eventual demise?

I would say join armies where you know you will get a chance, i’m all for giving chances because i’ve been in the sames shoes as everyone else. started from nothing and eventually worked my way up. I have a achieved everything that i wanted to achieve so theres no reason for me to want more. join the doritos, show me you want it and i will acknowledge it. or stay in your army, which is fine but make sure you know where you stand with your higher ups and subordinates.

From the interview, we can clearly see that Jester wants to strengthen the structure of the army by hiring and training all of his subordinates hoping to make them a better leader than him. Jester is eager to learn all about all the battle techniques and prove himself as a true army legend. We wish jester all the luck in achieving his goals for dcp and reach heights that dcp has never peaked before.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think the Doritos will be as strong under Jester’s leadership? Will the Doritos ever reclaim their top spot? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

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