Water Vikings Appoint Blueysib6 as Viking Commander

FROSTBITE, Water Viking’s Empire – The Water Vikings are an army that have been in the limelight for some time now, kudos to their rapid rise into the Universal Top Ten. The army has been consistently expanding its power-packed leadership, and the latest move was the promotion of Blueysib6 to Viking Commander.

“Success is the result of hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence” – this quote by Colin Powell resonates surprisingly well with Blueysib’s achievement. To be entrusted with the leadership of a historic army by its legendary leaders is no mean feat. Her dogged loyalty and consistent endeavors for her army have been well rewarded, with the whole army unanimous in their acclaim for her work. In an announcement that also served as a prequel for the possible retirement for some of the existing leaders, Kingfunks officially announced her as the next Viking Commander.

Kingfunks’ announcement in Water Vikings server.

The ‘extensive experience’ that Kingfunks did not elaborate on is quite impressive. Blueysib6 was a part of the original Club Penguin Army community, showing great dedication as a second in command in the Nachos army, from March 2016 to their closure in March 2017. She moved on to lead the Cocoa Warriors for a few months, followed by a very short stint as the leader of the Club Penguin Crew Army. She debuted in the current generation of armies as the Second in Command of the Shadow Troops and retained her position when they merged with the Golden Guardians, who later rebranded to the legendary army we today recognise as the Water Vikings. Her presence since the beginning of the army in the higher command has only proved beneficial to them.

To find out why Blueysib6 has been promoted to leader of the Water Vikings, we asked for two current leaders to provide a statement on what she has brought to the army since they rebranded:

I think that Blueysib6 is a great addition to the leadership. In the four years I’ve worked with her, she has proven to be a loyal, hardworking and trustworthy individual. I’m looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the legendary Water Vikings army.
-Thomas, Leader of WV.

She’s been one of our most loyal HCOM for months now leading back to before the rebranding and we felt it was time for us to show our appreciation and give her the promotion to leader she deserved.
-Buddy, Leader of Water Vikings and Legend.

However, a lot of questions may arise among the reader’s minds about Blueysib, and how the Water Vikings plan to step forward now. To answer some of the questions, CP Army Hub caught up with Blueysib6 for an interview.

What was the reason behind the other leaders deciding to promote you? Was the impending retirement of some of the current leaders a factor that resulted in this decision?

The impending retirement of some of the current leaders was a factor for me being promoted, and I think that the other leaders thought that I did well enough as a 2ic that I was ready to become a leader.

What changes will there be in your personal contribution to the army now that you are a leader, and all the other Vikings look up to you for inspiration?

I will contribute more to the army now and help to lead more events, and try to work to improve the army

What is your goal for the future of the WV? Will you be planning more invasions for the future?

My goal is to help improve WV to make it bigger, improve tactics and formations, and become a better army. Yes, at some point, we will have more invasions

How do you plan on increasing your army sizes in these tough times for recruiters?

We plan to have more events where we recruit people, and also to spend more time recruiting overall. And also, to make the army more fun so people stay.


Loyalty and a healthy work ethic shine through the legacy that Blueysib6 has created for her fellow troops to follow, not only from Water Vikings, but other armies too. After all, the strength of an army lies in its loyalty to each other. Any troop whose satisfaction lies in the effort and not in the attainment certainly deserves the rewards they earn.

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

Reporter Trainee

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