Coup Crusaders: Spotlight on Their Growth

ALPINE, Coup Crusaders Territory –  The Coup Crusaders have come a long way since their opening on the 13th of May. From facing server defacements and two powers crashing down on them, to finally rebuilding their army and invading servers with greater sizes. How far could they possibly go with all that’s happened to them?

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Coming Up On The Army Hub

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, The Administration Office – As we officially open the doors for the CP Army Hub, we take a look at what we can expect from the media team.

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New Kid On The Block: Turnage Penguin Army

Alaska, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Turnage Penguin Army enters the wondrous world of armies. Will this newly formed army be successful?

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[EDITORIAL] Why We Killed Club Penguin

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters Zamb’s Desk DDOSing, doxing, impersonation, scamming, you name it. Since their creation and overwhelming rise in popularity, Club Penguin Armies have been heavily censored and disregarded by CP’s administration for their blatant ignorance of the game’s rules. Disney envisioned Club Penguin to be a game for children to network safely and meet new friends, but was their aspiration dominated by the cynical army community?

Disney forces explicit Club Penguin clones offline - BBC News

Disclaimer: This post reflects the values of the author, that being me (aka Zamb), rather than CPAH as an entire organization. Also, the interview portion contains heavy use of profanity, so read at your own risk. 

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[SATIRE] BREAKING: Klondike Runs Out Of Paper; CPAH Relocates To Alaska

WARNING: Extreme Satire, but it might not be funny.

TACO BELL, Lucifer’s Office: We’ve officially said goodbye to CP Army Media and CP Army League and hello to CP Army Hub, and you already know the reasons why we’ve decided to make the move. At least you think you know the reason why. CP Army Hub has only just begun and it’s come to my attention that CP Army Hub is already keeping secrets from you!

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The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ #1

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, TWAHT™️ Office – The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ team is proud to present the first edition of The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️!

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How They Began: Iceyfeet1234 and the Ice Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters ‘How They Began’ is a weekly segment here at the Army Hub. We will be putting one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations, and interviewing their creator. The first edition will take a look at the Ice Warriors after we caught up with leader and creator, Iceyfeet1234. Continue reading

Melting Ice: Frozen Zuke Announces Permanent Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warrior’s Capital – After a long month of leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and bringing it to its former glory, Ice Warriors Leader and CP Army Legend Frozen Zuke has retired from the army. Continue reading