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ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, The Administration Office – As we officially open the doors for the CP Army Hub, we take a look at what we can expect from the media team.

By Max, every Monday.

Executive Producer Max, the Army Hub’s answer to Aunt Arctic, will be hosting ‘Ask The Administration’, where, unsurprisingly, you can ask ANYTHING! Whether that be “Max, what’s it like working with Da Best?”, or, “Which clothing item should I use for my army uniform?“, we want YOUR burning questions. Simply direct message Max ([max]🌈#7074) on Discord to be featured.

By: PINK, every Monday.

Associate Producer PINK is set to get deep with army legends, interviewing them about the important lessons they have learnt from this fun-yet-bizarre game and community we have formed over the past 15 years. She will be finding out everything from, “What is your biggest advice to younger soldiers hoping to make it big“, to, “What were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome then?“.

By Jason and Kava, every Tuesday.

Jason and Kava are bringing their successful ‘J&K’s Troop Interview’ series to CP Army Hub, rebranding as just ‘Troop Interview’. This segment will speak to the most important members of the community, the army soldiers.

By: Rocket, every Tuesday.

We all love a good meme, and each army has an array of inside jokes unique to their group. Associate Producer will be delving deep into YOUR army’s best jokes and most iconic means. Find out why the Army of CP say “CSY SMELLS” even though he showers three times a day, or what the hell the Rebel Penguin Federation’s “puffel pizza” is.

By Cassie, every Wednesday.

Editor-in-Chief Cassie will be bringing you an exciting new segment we know you’ll all love: The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️. Not only can you test your past and present army knowledge, but you’ll be in with a chance of winning a special Discord role on the Army Hub server.

By: Koloway, every Wednesday.

Our Vice President Koloway is taking a break from his graphic duties to bring to you ‘What Would YOU Do?’ every Wednesday. This weekly series will pose a made-up but very realistic scenario to different members of the army community. The first of these will look at what an army leader would do if they discovered troop stealing from fellow groups.

By Moon, every Thursday.

A much-loved tradition, the ‘Army of the Week’ series will continue with Associate Producer Moon at the helm. Army selection will be based on Top Twenty improvement, as well as the overall events that have occurred in the previous seven days of deciding.

The Climber

By: Bailey, every Friday.

We are very excited to announce Bailey will be bringing her story-writing talents to the Army Hub, and will feature her original story, ‘The Climber’, with a new chapter every Friday. The story will follow a girl named Ellie Mae Thomas as she goes from army recruit to beyond.

By: Coolguy and Flav, every Friday.

Reporters Coolguy and Flav are heading up ‘How They Began’, and will be interviewing army creators to find out how and where they started, as well as how they got to this point today. The first of these will see them speak to the Ice Warrior’s Iceyfeet1234.

By Robot, every Saturday.

When it comes to this community, a lot can happen in a week. That’s why Associate Producer Robot will be summing up the weekly occurrences – retirements, leadership changes, battles and other news – into a handy ‘News Digest’ post. You can expect that every Saturday.

By: Mehakk, every Saturday.

Another of our exciting new columns, ‘Behind The Lens’, will focus on a single picture and talk about the events surrounding it. Whether that be an iconic army meme, battle picture, trophy, or even Discord screenshot. They say a picture can say a thousand words, and here at the Army Hub a picture will tell as many words as Executive Producer Mehakk can write!

By Maxine, every Sunday.

We are very pleased to announce graphic artist Maxine has joined our fantastic team, and will be offering her talents to you readers with the ‘Army Hub Comic’. Every Sunday a new comic will feature, telling a very short story with Maxine’s incredible artwork.

Top 50 Armies Of All Time

By: Kingfunks4, coming soon.

Army Legend and Army Hub Advisor, Kingfunks4 will be counting us down from 50 to give us the Top Armies Of All Time. He will be enlisting the help of army veterans to compose his list, so where will your army rank?

Operation: Snowstorm

By: Scorpion, coming soon.

Staff member Scorpion, alongside his fantastic news reports, will be writing his own original story! The first-penguin-view tale will be released one chapter at a time, and detail the thrilling account of what went down in one of the most legendary battles ever, packed with explosive action and nail-biting twists and turns.

What do YOU think? Which of these new media additions are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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  1. Oh snap, this is a serious roadmap of CPAH’s development. I love it already.


  2. Oh wow, yay!


  3. […] CP Army Hub Executive Producer Max released a post detailing the many different weekly and biweekly columns that will be coming out on our website. There are simply too many columns to list here but do make sure to check them out here! […]


  4. YEET


  5. can someone tell me the Software of these logos?


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