Coup Crusaders: Spotlight on Their Growth

ALPINE, Coup Crusaders Territory –  The Coup Crusaders have come a long way since their opening on the 13th of May. From facing server defacements and two powers crashing down on them, to finally rebuilding their army and invading servers with greater sizes. How far could they possibly go with all that’s happened to them?

The Beginning

Every story starts with a beginning, right? Well, the Coup Crusader’s story started on May 12th, 2020, with one man’s intention of creating an army. Catalyst formed the army alongside Olimad3, Coolguy, and Storm. On their inaugural event, they maxed 15, and that would be their highest max before trouble struck.

First Event

After a defacement of CC’s whole server by one of their leaders called Storm, it was hard for Coup Crusaders to get back on track. Especially with a war where both Army of Club Penguin and Lime Green Army went after them. Throughout this conflict, the Coup Crusaders were trying to re-build, as they had gone from maxing 20 just before the defacement, to only 3. Coup Crusaders lost two servers before they could finally sign a peace treaty and keep one server to begin reconstruction.

Battle with ACP

On June 5th, conflict once again arose with both the Silver Empire and soon after with the Templars. After a lot of discourse regarding servers and event sizes, Coup Crusaders made it out alive. They left the conflicts behind following the transfer of their server, Alpine. CC became a colony of Ice Warriors, which has proven to be useful to them.

Battle with SE

A New Era

The Coup Crusaders came back with outstanding numbers at their practice event on June 13th and against the Red Ravagers at an invasion of Alpine on 6/23. Although even with a fresh beginning, there are always fresh challenges. The Coup Crusaders had to deal with two; a change in staff, and a new war with Templar’s.

The biggest staff change was Olimad3, one of the first original creators, coming back after a brief retirement. With his new power, came some problems. However, he used it to threaten people, such as Coolguy. Threats to “nuke houses,” refusal to allow Coolguy to edit the website, and attempting to get IW disqualified from the Legends Cup, all led to Olimad3’s eventual release of duty. Since then, Coolguy became main leader of CC and has run the army successfully. Hiring new staff, adding three new leaders, Fusion, Alex, and Erick09 plus declaring war on Templars have been only a few of the grand scale actions taken for the newly revived army.

A display of how far they’re coming

With the new beginning of Coup Crusaders after many struggles from a defacement to exhausting wars, Coup Crusaders kept up their crusading. They have been on their feet ever since their struggles ended with outstanding maxes at recent events and a continuous growth showing newfound and undeniable strength. Coup Crusaders have seemed to buck up after all their struggles and deserved some recognition for their ability to stay alive. CPAH wishes the best for Coup Crusaders and hopes to see more of them in the future.

What do YOU think Coup Crusaders have in store for them? Do YOU believe they can come back even stronger? Comment YOUR opinions down below!


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