New Kid On The Block: Turnage Penguin Army

Alaska, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Turnage Penguin Army enters the wondrous world of armies. Will this newly formed army be successful?

The Turnage Penguin Army was established on June 18th, 2020 by Turnage. Turnage and Jubilee are the leaders of the army. Their first event was held on June 22nd, and was a success with a max of 11 penguins. The TPA already has the next event planned for July 2nd.

The Army of Club Penguin are already on their side as an ally. The TPA is off to an excellent start by maxing a fair amount for a smaller/medium army, as well as obtaining allies. We with CP Army Hub got some exclusive insight on the creators thoughts.

Why did you create Turnage Penguin Army?

Turnage penguin army was created a couple months after joining acp. wondering if it could be done better I decided to make my own army and remain a very close ally to the lovely people at acp.

What plans do you have for the future of Turnage Penguin Army?

Turnage the turnage penguin army will have open arms to anyone who would like to join, and we will revel and rise against all of the big names like doritos, rpf, and even our close ally acp.

How do you plan on recruiting people without a website?

Turnage we have recruited a couple people following through cpam or cpah now and we are working on a turnage website.

Are you new to the concept of leading? How do you plan on leading your troops if you’re prone to war?

Turnage I am not knew to the concept of leading in general, but I am knew to the concept of leading an army. I do have many tact’s planned as well as figuring out some new stuff to add into our tactics. I lead by example and by command, with love and compassion.

Is there any encouraging advice you would like to give to your army?

Turnage yes I would like to give them a healthy :E H: and that this is only the beginning. I love everyone in the army and can’t wait to lead them further

Is there anything you’d like to add before I end the interview?

turnage turnage, turnage turnage turnage.

Jubilee, Leader of Turnage Penguin Army offered some history on how the army was created and her thoughts on it:


Turnage and I joined cpa a couple of months ago just to see what Koloway was always doing and to support him. We had no idea there’d be such a huge amount of people dedicated to it and almost instantly fell in love with the lore. ‘Turnage” started as just a word and soon became something more. we joined acp at first where Turnage would join battles and only say “turnage.” It quickly became a joke as other penguins started to say it online.
whenever people saw Turnage join they’d all say “Turnage”
the goal was just to get it to be a tactic, and now it is an army! Jokes aside, Turnage and I are excited to run an army and look forward to it growing.

The Turnage Penguin Army seems to have lots of hope for its future. What do YOU think about the Turnage army? Let us know in the comments, also feel free to comment “Turnage” to make Turnage happy!

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