The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ #1

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, TWAHT™️ Office – The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️ team is proud to present the first edition of The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️!

Welcome to The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️, or TWAHT™️ for short! TWAHT™️ is a weekly trivia game hosted right here on the site every Wednesday. TWAHT™️ will have ten questions, a mixture of current CPA events and even pre-CPPS history. All those that comment with the correct answers will be entered into a raffle and will receive a virtual high-five. The winner of the raffle will receive a shiny new role in the CP Army Hub server!

In order to participate in TWAHT™️, please comment your answers below this post with your Discord username!

  1. When was the Elites army established?
  2. What is Help Force’s catchphrase?
  3. Who was the number one major army leader on CPA Central’s All-Time Awards?
  4. When did Club Penguin shut down?
  5. Who are the current second-in-commands of Doritos?
  6. What was the first CPA world war called?
  7. Who are the eight 2019 CPA legends?
  8. Which army’s page does the Online Safety graphic link to?
  9. Who writes the Community Spotlight column?
  10. Who is the creator of the Templars?

Make sure to comment your answers below and feel free to DM me on Discord (greatcomets#0609) with any question suggestions!

Tune back next week for the second edition of TWAHT™️ and to find out who won this week’s trivia!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

3 Responses

  1. 1.2008
    2.Unleash the power of Helping!
    3, Iceyfeet1234
    4, March 2017
    5. Dino and Ghandi
    6. Badboy Wars!
    7. Koloway, 32op, Freezie, Andrew24, Super, Ulti, DMT
    8. Army Of Club Penguin
    9. Koloway
    10. Xing


  2. Discord Username – Flav#0001

    1. May 23rd 2008
    2. “Unleash the Power of Helping”
    3. Iceyfeet1234
    4. March 30th 2017 12:01 AM PDT
    5. Louis Dino Jazmine Danny Janouz
    6. World War I – The Color Wars
    7. Doctor Mine Turtle- Koloway – Superhero123 – Ultipenguinj – Freezie66 – Andrew24 – 32op – MustaphaA10X
    8. Army of Club Penguin
    9. Koloway
    10. Xing


  3. 1. March 23, 2008
    2.Unleash the power of Helping!
    3, Oagalthorp
    4, 29 March 2017
    5. Danny, Ghandi, Dino, Janouz, Cindy
    6. WW1 color wars
    7. Koloway, 32op, Freezie, drew, Super, Ulti, DMT, mustapha10
    8. ACP 🙂
    9. Koloway
    10. Xing


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