Recon Federation Declares Victory Against Los Facheros

ALASKA, CP Army Hub HQ – After the events of a recent civil war, the Recon Federation of CP has declared victory over the rising Los Facheros Army.
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Army Of The Week: Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week will be the first Army Of The Week taking place on the Army Hub, and the army being commemorated is the Help Force for their leap from 6th to 3rd on the Top Twenty listings.

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[SATIRE] The Perfect Army

This is a satire, don’t freak out.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – If there has ever been a perfect army, the CPA news sites have seen it. But what exactly makes the perfect army and is there even a supreme army?

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What Would You Do: Troopstealing

ALASKA, Koloway’s Office –¬†Often times, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders of various armies are asked what they would do in the event of troop stealing.

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Practice Battle Review: SWAT vs. Coup Crusaders

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters Р Another close practice broke out against 2 armies who peaked at very similar sizes. In addition to the size, both armies showcased great forms and tactics, but who emerged the victor of this intense battle? Continue reading