Practice Battle Review: SWAT vs. Coup Crusaders

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  Another close practice broke out against 2 armies who peaked at very similar sizes. In addition to the size, both armies showcased great forms and tactics, but who emerged the victor of this intense battle?

On July 2nd, 2020, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Coup Crusaders squared off in an intense practice battle. The practice battle began at 4:00 pm EST, with the SWAT and Coup Crusaders peaking at sizes of 22 and 24 respectively. The rooms where the two armies battled consisted of the Docks, Stadium, and Iceberg. With both the armies maxing high and displaying great skills throughout, let’s see what the result was.


The Coup Crusaders and SWAT swiftly entered the room with tactic bombs. CC moved quickly into a clean X formation, whilst SWAT defended it with a V formation. CC was able to pull off an impressive circle bomb and was even able to showcase faster and clean formations throughout this room. SWAT on the other hand was struggling with formations after Coup Crusaders exposed their gaps with a bomb and had a hard time perfecting their waterfall bombs. Coup Crusaders took the first victory.

Ro0m 1: Docks


Coup Crusaders entered the room and quickly formed a plus formation, whilst the SWAT made an upside-down V formation. With CC displaying faster and better tactics following up with perfect flickers, whilst the SWAT held their’s consistency. CC was able to pull off a perfect diagonal bomb which was the main highlight of the room. SWAT had a small size advantage of 24 penguins but was struggling to perfect their sluggish formations and they were able to defend themselves with a quick rake bomb. Due to SWAT’s formations being disorganized, CC takes the room.

Room 2: Stadium


Both the SWAT and Coup Crusaders entered the room majestically with a J Bomb and an “UNDERSTAND” bomb that filled up the room. SWAT then surrounded the Iceberg for their first formation with many gaps whilst CC moved into a clean plus formation. Both armies were able to give some fantastic, witty comebacks as they defended themselves with rakes and bombs. It was decided between the leaders that SWAT won this room.

Room 3: Berg

After an interesting battle, both the armies discussed the results to come to a friendly conclusion. Here’s what the leaders agreed upon the results to be:

Winners of each room.

After a nail-biting battle, Coup Crusaders claims the victory with a score of 2-1-0. The armies executed their skills bravely and had attractive sizes. There is no doubt both armies gave it their all, and both hope to leave a mark in the upcoming map update. We are excited to see what else SWAT and CC will bring to the table in their future battles!
What do YOU think? Who do you think should have emerged victorious? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!
CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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