Recon Federation Declares Victory Against Los Facheros

ALASKA, CP Army Hub HQ – After the events of a recent civil war, the Recon Federation of CP has declared victory over the rising Los Facheros Army.

On June 23rd, the Los Facheros Army merged with the Recon Federation of CP. As part of the agreement, the LFA would join the new Spanish division of RFCP, the Marines. However, another term was for Amelia and Los Facheros to completely leave CPAM. Amelia did not follow up on this due to unknown reasons, and Prior Bumble, leader of the Recon Federation declared war on the LFA for betraying “the great hospitality and welcome Prior, Kerx, and Jeremito extended to the LF army.” (taken from this RFCP Post here). After the first battle, RFCP had a former CPAM reporter by the name of SupremeP0wer do a battle summary of the post. CPAM also covered the battle in the following summary. With Pookie437 leading this battle and Max considering this battle void, RFCP decided to take up arms against all of CPAH, and declared victory with Amelia, former LFA leader, stepping down.

Amelia, former RFCP 1iC, stepping down, as shown by the RFCP blog(click on image to access RFCP post)

With this, Prior and the Recon Federation of CP claimed their first foothold against “the usual gang headed by Pookie437 and Crazzy”. During the battle, Prior Bumble delivered a speech in the Recon Federation discord saying that he and RFCP love everyone and that they will always advocate for peace in the real world. During the speech Prior declared that no matter what happened during the battle, he gives nothing but love to everyone, including the enemy. This heartfelt speech was concluded by the High Command and Prior spamming “RFCP” in their orders channel. Eventually, General Sha of Recon Federation also opened up the channel to all ranks, who also started spamming RFCP. The speech and the war, according to Recon Federation, moved the entire army, and that it only made them come closer together.

As of today, Los Facheros still stands at large, being registered in the CPAH league under the leadership of Amelia, Crazzy, Pjayo, and Pookie. They believe that the war is unfinished and that the war was won by LFA 3-0. However, with Recon Federation deeming all further battles against them invalid, LFA has decided to cease all invasions of Recon Federation but is determined to end this war fairly, as they believe the war has been unfairly finished.

CP Army Hub got the chance to quiz Pookie437 on the recent incidents and how the LFA will progress!

What does LFA think about the RFCP declaration of victory?

We think this declaration of victory by RFCP is completely out of left field and undeserved. LFA fought valiantly during all three battles and will continue to state that we won the war 3-0.

Will LFA take any action, as RFCP declared any more battles that take place invalid?

Since RFCP declared that all further invasions by LFA will not be recognized, LFA will cease the invasions for now. We see this as an unfinished war which was unjustly ended before any true resolution was reached.

Do you, and the rest of the leaders think, that LFA will come out stronger than ever, with a very important war “finished”?

Seeing the sizes that we reached in this war, there is no doubt that LFA is on the rise. Personally, I believe that LFA will continue to rise and will reach first on the Top Ten.

The Los Facheros Army is determined that they won the war and that the war was unfairly finished. They, according to Pookie, will continue slowly and surely to reach first on the Top Ten led by the many LFA leaders. The fate of the Recon Federation is yet to be seen as they have left the CP Army Hub League and ventured into new areas. The status of the Civil War of Summer 2020, as RFCP called it, is unknown due to the RFCP declaring victory. On the other hand, the LFA has decided that RFCP ended the war too early as LFA won all 3 battles. At this point, both armies can only move on their separate paths until they accidentally cross paths again.

What do YOU think about the end of this war? Do YOU support the Recon Federation’s claim of winning the war?
Comment YOUR opinions in the comment section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

CP Army Hub Vice President

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