What Would You Do: Troopstealing

ALASKA, Koloway’s Office – Often times, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders of various armies are asked what they would do in the event of troop stealing.

Troop stealing is defined as the act of recruiting members of another army, say an ally or enemy, and bringing them into an entirely different army with malicious intent. Common methods of troop stealing include chat recruiting, event raiding, and offering higher ranks in exchange for a member joining. With this installment of What Would You Do, the goal is to find out what certain leaders from the community would do in the sweltering heat of a troop stealing scandal.

Leaders were asked the following:
If you caught another army stealing your troops, what would you do?

Sidie9, PIC Leader

I feel like “troop stealing” is a very contextual matter. Unless it’s clear that another army deliberately influenced a member of PIC to join their army, I’d have to look into it in more detail. Furthermore, in most cases it’s a single actor troop stealing rather than the whole army. In the case that I caught another army troop stealing, discussion with that army would have to ensue, and we would desire closure.

Megann, DW Leader

We would immediately ban whoever has been stealing our troops. Troop stealing is a serious offense and is not taken lightly at DW.

Madhav 2, IW Leader

Well it depends on the troop stealer, who they are and what army they come from. If the person is just an ordinary member of another army, we would contact the army staff and let them know about the situation. If the person is a member of staff or hcom, we would let their leaders know about the situation. We have seen armies attempt to troop steal from us and if the troop stealing comes in a big wave, we would immediately ban the culprits and make an announcement, assuring our troops to ignore the attempts of troop stealing.

Barnito, HF Leader

First off, the staff team would tackle on how it is occuring: knowing which army is doing it, gaining enough evidence so that this matter can be reported to the Hcom or the staff team of the other army. Then proceed to correcting the issue. The Help Force does not allow Dual Enlistment, our members cannot be in an army who share an Enemy Relation or are Neutral with us. So, we make sure to remind people about it. But if the case is severe, wherein our members are being offered high ranks in that army, then it will be a serious matter. The relations between the armies might change to hostile. Even after gaining solid evidence and they still deny it, then there would be invasions held or maybe a war.

Crazzy, RPF Rebel Commander

First I’d collect the evidence of said army troop stealing from RPF, then present it to that army leader. Depending on how they react to the proof and if the situation continues after that, will determine the status between that army and RPF. We don’t condone nor appreciate troop stealing, it’s pretty much a lazy and shady way to recruit for your army.

It is obvious by the responses that troop stealing is an activity looked down upon by the entire army community. One can notice that if caught troop stealing, they will be subject to some severe punishment by the opposing army leaders.

This begs the final question…
If you caught someone troop stealing, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Vice President

One Response

  1. Elites do not condone troop stealing, Serious action will be taken.


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