Coup Crusaders Dominate Pizza Federation in Practice Battle

KLONDIKE, Battle Room – On June 3rd, 12 PM EST, a practice battle broke out between the Coup Crusaders and the Pizza Federation, who came out on top today?


The Coup Crusaders stormed this room with an E + P bomb, followed by a quick and clean plus formation.  The Pizza Federation began to enter the room with an E + H bomb being significantly late. Seconds later, PZF fell into a horizontal line covering the horizontal of the CC plus. To counter this, CC bunched on the tip of the Iceberg and proceeded to wipe diagonally back and forth. CC then formed a fast V shape. Following this, both armies jumped into bombs that covered the Iceberg. A diagonal line was formed by PZF and an X form by CC. CC took this room due to their efficient tactics and clear size advantage.

Room 1

[Snow Forts]

Going into this room, CC bombed and arranged themselves into an upside-down T while PZF created a horizontal line following their bomb. After a quick exchange of tactics, CC bunched at the top right and began wiping diagonally multiple times, covering PZF. To counter this, PZF began to bomb the Forts. Now CC forged a clean X while PZF got into a V. CC and PZF both bombed the rooms and switched forms before opening their maps in anticipation of the next room.

Room 2


PZF bombed the room on entry while CC maneuvered into a V shape. Following their bomb, CC moved into a vertical line down the middle. After a long tactic duel, CC raked the room while PZF bombed. CC followed this up by creating an upside-down T while PZF hastily surrounded the cove campfire. Near the end of the battle, they both began to bomb the Cove. CC managed to win this room aswell.

Room 3

This was an intense battle where both armies performed well with CC getting a max of 17 and PZF getting a max of 6. The battle resulted in a 3-0 win for CC due to their clear size advantage and better training. PZF really lacked in size and the army seems to have taken a huge fall from the S/M titan it once was.

Who do YOU think won the battle? Will PZF make a comeback soon? Let us know in the comments.


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. To be fair, I am pretty sure CC used allies


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