Phoebe Steps Down From People Imperial Confederation

TOBOGGAN, People Imperial Confederation Empire –  The commander of PIC, Phoebe, steps down from her position. What caused her to step down? Which army is she headed to now?

Phoebe joined the People Imperial Confederation on April 15th and was quickly promoted to Commander on May 10th. PIC has been through a lot of ups and downs such as war and losing land. Read more about what happened to them [here]. On June 3rd, PIC troops were in for a shock as Phoebe, their commander announced that she was stepping down.

Phoebe’s presence made a tremendous impact on the army. She led most of the brutal battles of PIC and encouraged others to be more active in the community. So why would such an influential leader resign from their position? Let’s get more insight from the woman herself, Phoebe.

Why did you decide to step down from the People Imperial Confederation?

I decided to step down because I feel as if it’s time for me to move on and go onto the next chapter in my life.

Did you enjoy leading PIC? If so, what was your favorite memory there?

I did, they’re amazing people and I met some good friends there. Hmm, maybe the first I ever led there, it was a Pink Parade.

Do you have anyone specific you’d like to say goodbye to?

Well I’m still in the server and can still talk to them so not really.

Which army are you planning to become active in now?

I’m joining One Direction Army

Are you aware the band “One Direction” is split up?

Ur so cheesy, they live on in my heart

Is there anything else you’d like to add before ending the interview?

For the people! Someone buy me nitro 👉👈

Phoebe will thrive in the One Direction Army, but where does that leave PIC? Here’s a short interview with Jemma, the commander of PIC to find out where they’re headed.

What are your thoughts on Phoebe stepping down as commander of PIC?

I think Phoebe is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. In the time I’ve known her she has been one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and one of the closest people to me. During her tenure in the Confederation, Phoebe has accomplished so much. She led PIC through not only one of its most trying times but also during its most soaring highs. Wherever she goes I will support her, whether that be to a new army or settling down and retiring. Phoebe will always have a special place in the heart of PIC and myself. Phoebe is a PIC legend through and through, and her departure signifies the end of an era in the Confederation’s history.

What does this mean for the future of the People Imperial Confederation?

The future of the People’s Imperial Confederation is yet to be determined. PIC is not going anywhere and will remain active, but changes will be made. Over-saturation of events and demotivation of everyone in PIC has led to a stagnant period. It will take time to restructure how we function as an army and move on from this.

Phoebe’s departure from PIC was a sad yet happy one. She will be missed by her troops but will start a new chapter in the One Direction Army. People Imperial Confederation will take time to regroup themselves and strive to survive without their fearless leader.

What are YOUR thoughts on phoebe’s resignation as PIC commander? How do YOU think she’ll do in One Direction Army? What do YOU think will happen to PIC? Let us know in the comment section!

CP Army Hub Reporter

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