CP Army Hub: Top Ten Armies [6/28/20-7/4/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters — As the first week of CP Army Hub comes to an end, let’s find how the armies fared in this week’s Top Ten!

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [123.25]

 2.Army of Club Penguin [90.88]

3. Ice Warriors[85.50]

4. Doritos of Club Penguin [79]

5. Help Force [78.92]

 6. Dark Warriors [69.00]

 7. Water Vikings [61.50]

  8. Los Facheros [48.00]

 9. Elites [42.67]

 10. Army of Orient Seas [41.92]

Close to Top Ten:

11. Coup Crusaders [41.67]

12. Fighter Pilots [39.94]

 13. Special Weapons and Tactics [37.70]

14. Black Order [37.50]

15. Lime Green Army [36.50]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a total of 6 events this week. They started their week with an Operation Miner Inconvenience in which they saw sizes of 88 troops. The other week events consisted of an Operation always spotted where they maxed 81, Operation glub glub glub where they maxed 84. They held an Operation Dragon tales where they maxed 71. They had an Ausia Operation Forged in Fire in which they maxed 74 rebels. They ended off their week with an Operation called Stars and Stripes celebrating the 4th of July where they maxed 80 penguins online.

2. Army of Club Penguin: ACP started their week with an EU/US Farmer event, where they maxed 41. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA Practice Battle vs the Water Vikings, and maxed 35. After this, they held an AUSIA party event, maxing 37. The same day, they held a US Cowbell Event, where they maxed 58. On Wednesday, their UK division celebrated the Water Vikings’ 10 year anniversary, and maxed 54. For their US event, they had a Canada day event, maxing 52. On Friday, they had a Practice Battle vs Help Force, maxing 52. On Saturday, they held a SPEC OPS Dragon Takeover event, maxing 48. To end off their week, they held a UK Alpha vs Echo vs Red Ravagers battle, where they maxed 41.

3. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors had a very simple week. They scheduled a practise battle against the Help Force on July 1st which they won 3-0, maxing 68. Then they had a war training event which saw them hit sizes of 60 again.

4. Doritos: The Doritos had a simple week, with only 2 events. They first held a Training event maxing 55 troops. They then ended the week with a friendly practice battle against the Water Vikings, peaking at 60 troops.

5. Help Force: Help Force kicked off their week with a branch battle maxing 33. They went on to battle the Ice Warriors and lost that battle with a size of 39. Help Force held an AUSIA photography event and maxed an impressive 51. Their next few events were a lobster takeover, igloo raids, and a duck takeover where they maxed 39, 40, and 38 respectively. They ended their week with a battle against ACP maxing 42 and an EU stress test maxing 30.

6. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had another strong week, hosting 4 events, with 3 of them back-to-back. They started the week off on Monday with a new Summer Ball event to unwind and have fun, where they maxed an impressive 62. They followed up with an event to mark the opening of the Blizzard Island CPPS, where they maxed 35. Then they had an Ausia event where they wore the Water Suit 3000 for their Operation: Hydration, with a solid max of 30. They finished the week on July 3rd, maxing 40 in a Biking event on Blizzard Island.

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings started off their week with a raid against Recon Federation of CP where they maxed 31 troops. The next day they had a 10 year anniversary event where they maxed 40! On Wednesday they had another 10 year celebration where they had maxed 55 troops. For their final event of the week they had a Practice Battle against the Doritos of CP where they unfortunately lost but maxed 24.

8. Los Facheros: The LFA held 2 events this week. Starting on Thursday, they had their third and final battle against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, they lost the battle maxing 32 penguins. Later in the week, they held a duck event, in which they raided a server on Super CPPS to celebrate their claim of winning this war, they maxed 16.

9. Elites: The Elites started off their week on Monday with a CPR Mining event in which they brought a max of 28! Their next event was the following day on Tuesday where they had a U-Lead event which maxes 20. Their third and final event of the week was on Thursday where they had a tactic practice event where they had a max of 20!

10. Army of Orient Seas: With 5 total events for Army of Orient Seas, they do well. Beginning their week with an unscheduled Training event with a max of 16. Moving on to have another two Trainings with strong maxes of 17 and 20. To finish their week, AOS hosted a Sled Race and Find Four with maxes of 11 for both.

11. Coup Crusaders: The Coup Crusaders kicked off their week on Monday with an unscheduled event that maxed 15. 2 days later they had a Practice Battle against SWAT where they won and were able to bring a max of 25! Their third and final event of the week was a Practice Battle against the Pizza Federation where they won and maxed 16 troops!

12. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots kicked off their busy week on Sunday with a AUSIA Tactic Practice that maxed 15. Their next event was on Tuesday where they had a Sled Racing Tournament in which they maxed 6. The following day they had an AUSIA Star Wars Event where they brought a total of 16 troops. On Thursday they had an invasion of a server on Flippr and were able to max 10! For their final event of the week, FP had a Practice Battle against the Golden Troops where they won and maxed 11.

13. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics began their week with a US Training session on June 29th. They peaked at 20 agents with strong tactics. Two days later they engaged in a practice battle with the Coup Crusaders, at which a maximum size of 25 was witnessed.

14. Black Order: The Black Order held 4 events this week. They held a star event maxing 23. Followed by a 100 member celebration event maxing 17. Then held a Training session maxing 12. They finished their week with victory in a practice battle over the Crimson Guardians, maxing 14.

15. Lime Green Army: With 4 events this week, LGA launched off on Thursday with their EU/US Hide and Seek event where they maxed 9 and they then held a US duck recruiting event maxing 20. On Friday they held another US duck recruiting, reaching up to 22 penguins online. On Saturday they hosted their US/EU Red, White, and Blue Costume Event in honor of July 4th achieving 11 penguins.


How did your army fare in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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Top Ten Committee

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