CP Army Hub: S/M Top Ten Armies [6/28/20-7/4/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Alongside the first CP Army Hub Top Ten, we bring to you the small-medium Top Ten Armies.

[NEW!] 1. Turnage Penguin Army [33.35]

 2. Silver Empire [33.04]

 3. Marines [32.50]

 4. Crimson Guardians [31.50]

5. Mango Corps [31.30]

 6. Templars [30.5]

↓ 7. Red Ravagers [28.67]

8. Golden Troops  [28.15]

[NEW!] 9. Lava Troops [26.50]

↓ 10. Pizza Federation [24.75]

Close to Top Ten:

↓ 11. Sorcerers [20.83] 

↓ 12. Water Troops [16.50]

Click here to see the calculations!

1. Turnage Penguin Army: The Turnage Penguin Army held 2 events in their first week. They held a training session mazing 11. This was followed by Turnage training where they maxed 23.

2. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire started their week off on Sunday with a Hide n Seek event in which they maxed 9. The next day they had a Fashion Show event where they maxed 7 troops. On Tuesday they had a Gotta Catch Em All event where they maxed 11. 2 days later they had a Training Event where they maxed 11. For their final event of the week they had an AUSIA Sled Race Tournament where they brought together a max of 9!

3. Marines: The Marines had a quiet week with 3 events. On Tuesday, they started their week with an Unscheduled Training, maxing 11. Two days later, they had an invasion of the CPPS, Flippr, and maxed 12. Finally, they held a Dragon Event on CPR, maxing 16.

4. Crimson Guardians: Crimson Guardians began their week with a US play event maxing 7 guardians. The next day they held an AUSIA duck takeover maxing an impressive 19 penguins. They ended their week with an EU hide and seek and a practice battle vs Black Order, they maxed 7 for both of these events.

5. Mango Corps: Mangoes had a slow week, with only two events. An AUSIA event maxing 12 and another Practice Tactics with a max of 12.

6. Templars: Templars held two trainings this week, one maxing 30 and one maxing 16.

7. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had 6 events this week! Their first event was on Sunday, a US Branch Battle where they maxed 10 troops! The following morning, they held an Unscheduled AUSIA Allied Leaders Event, rallying a max of 8. They did another Unscheduled AUSIA Training Event the next day, this time maxing 7. Then, they had a US Lobster Event on Wednesday, maxing 13 in lobster outfits. Their Thursday event was another training, maxing 7. Finally, they had a Branch Battle with ACP, in which they maxed 4.

8. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops started out their week on Tuesday with an AUSIA Dwagon Training event in which they maxed 11. Their second and final event was a Practice Battle against the Golden Troops in which they had maxed 11 troops!

9. Lava Troops: The Lava Troops held their first and only event this week where they maxed 13.

10. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation had a total of 3 events this week. Their first event of the week was a continuation of the PZF Games where they maxed 7 troops. Day 4 of the PZF Games was continued as the next event where they saw sizes of 7. They ended off their playful week with a Training event where they maxed 7 chefs.

11. Sorcerers: The SOCP held 2 events this week. Starting on Tuesday, they had a tactic practice, making 5. Later in the week, they had birthday celebration event while invading North Selvane, they maxed 7.

12. Water Troops: Water Troops began this week with a training event on the 29th maxing 3 and their Duck Invasion on the 30th reaching 10 penguins.

What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Moon, Hidcre, Robot, Sarahah, Sheo, Max, Rah, Henry, Liv, Pink, Austin, ElderChicken, FatChicken, Flav, Regan, Scorpion

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