What Would You Do: War Threats

ALASKA, Koloway’s Office – Often times, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders of various armies are asked what they would do with the threat of war looming on the horizon.

War is a natural part of Club Penguin armies. In fact, war is what keeps the army community from becoming stagnant. War can be declared for various reasons, such as petty remarks or serious rule violations. It is up to armies to sort out their disagreements on the battlefield, and it makes for some amazingly historic moments. With war playing as big of a role in our community as it does, threats can often be made to spook enemy leaders into complying.

Leaders were asked the following:
If there was potential or threats of a war, what would you do?


Revan, Marines Leader

I would begin taking measures to prepare for it right away. I’d check in on my allies and ensure they will back my army in a war, i would also make sure i know who would back my opponent. On top of this i would also speak to my high command to have them keep an eye on that army and those entering our server and to make sure they active as much as possible for the war that is coming. I would also see when my opponent is the most weakest and prepare to invade at those times.

Regan, IW Leader

Well the first thing you need to do is set up your game plan either with co leaders or allied leaders, sorting out potential defence dates to sorting our defences in case of spam invasions ect. Depending on the army which is threating war would decide how serious we take it. Obviously if a S/M army is treating war we wouldn’t take it as serious as a major army. So really the plan varies on who declares war.

Hidcre, PZF Leader

I would talk negotiations, reasoning behind the war. During the coming days would be all about recruiting on any platform possible!

Pjayo, WV Leader

I would spend 3 hours knitting together a web of alliances that can protect WV no matter who goes against us.

Meerrkat, DCP Leader

I’d focus on training DCP and pushing recruiting requirements so we’re prepared for what’s coming.

Honda, RR Leader

In the case of a potential war, i would most likely try to make sure my troops are aware at all costs, then id most likely ask for aid from our closer allies. it all depends on the circumstances and size of the army in the end. but yeah id most likely let the troops know that there could possibly be a war incoming and inform some of our allies.

Crazzy, RPF Rebel Commander

I’d call a meeting with my HCOM and Advisors to begin making plans in regards to the potential threats, and how we can be prepared moving forward.

Judging by the responses of army leaders, it is apparent that war threats are not taken lightly. War is a very natural and common occurrence in our community, but it can become a nuisance if not taken serious as soon as possible.

This begs the final question…
If you received threats of war, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Vice President

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