Ice Warriors Dominate in Latest Server Invasions

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – Today marks the third day since invasions started, and already there is one army that has begun taking over the map. While most armies currently have two to three servers, at the time of writing, Ice Warriors own nine servers. It’s more than apparent that Ice Warriors are making sure their blue color is visible on all parts of the map. But how exactly are they doing it? 

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Army Of The Week: Army Of The Orient Seas

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters- In the second edition of Army Of The Week, we focus on a small/medium army that has made a significant jump in the Top Ten. The army who has earned the spotlight is none other than the Army Of The Orient Seas for their huge leap from the 16th to the 10th spot. Continue reading

Ice Warriors Form Numerous Treaties With The Small-Medium Community

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors’ Territory – In an unexpected turn of events, the Ice Warriors have been making treaties with a handful of armies for unknown reasons.

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Administration Statement On Recent Private Server Events

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Earlier today, CP Army Hub received some concerns from army leaders over the recent happenings involving certain private servers. 

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