Army of CP’s Orange Defects To Ice Warriors Higher Command

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire –  Army of Club Penguin third-in-command Orange recently stepped down from his position. This decision was conveyed to the troops in a heartfelt post, but a surprising development saw him defect to the Ice Warriors.

Orange is an army veteran and a S/M army legend of the original Club Penguin Armies, with experience leading armies such as Chaos, Army Republic, SWAT, and Water Ninjas to top spots numerous times. He returned to armies in April 2020 as a Chaos leader. He joined the Army of Club Penguin towards the end of May after the shutdown of Chaos and worked his way up to third-in-command. In his final event as a member of the army, he lead their Echo Division to victory in a four-way practice battle. Soon after, he retired in the message shared here.


I don’t really know where to begin, but it is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from the Army of CP. This may come to a shock to most people, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently and its a decision, albeit an extremely tough decision, that I’ve made. This past month and a half in ACP has been an unbelievable experience for me, I’ve enjoyed every second of my last run in this army from being a part of the team that broke ACP’s CPPS size record to Kailey’s crackhead VC hours – these are all memories I will always cherish. A huge shout out to the HCOM as this was by far the best and most hard-working HCOM team I’ve ever worked with and I’ve learned so much from each and every one of them and they have honestly become my best friends.

Orange decided to leave the Army of Club Penguin in what was an apparently very tough decision for him to make, but just hours later he joined the Ice Warriors as a new ice commander, or second-in-command. Orange shares pleasant memories with two of the Ice Warriors leaders, Agent 11 and Madhav, as the three of them were part of the original Chaos army for a long time.

Here is what Agent 11/ Madhav, the leader of the Ice Warriors, had to say about this development.


I think it’s a great addition for us. Madhav & I have been friends with Orange since 2013, so I’m glad to finally be in the same army as him again. He’s a great troop, and I’m sure our troops will love him.


As observed by several historic cases, high ranking members defecting to other armies can be a serious issue. It shows a lack of interaction and understanding between the leaders and the troops of the army. Does that apply here? The CP Army Hub team decided to get some answers in an exclusive interview with Orange.

Why did you decide to leave Army of CP despite your strong ties with it? Was the move to Ice Warriors due to problems with the ACP?

I made this decision because I wanted to end my last month in armies alongside my longtime friends. It was definitely a tough decision because I loved my time with ACP, but it was something I ultimately decided. Also, yes, I absolutely hated Max and especially hated Kailey because she was a huge clown. Haha jk, I really had no problem with any of them and still consider them awesome friends.

What is the reason for joining the Ice Warriors HCOM?

I joined the Ice Warriors because some of my longest and best friends were in Ice Warriors. A lot of them were in original Chaos alongside me 6-7 years ago so it was only fitting for me to end my time in armies alongside the people I basically grew up with. Toe mami was calling my name and it was a call I HAD to answer.

Was it always a thought in your mind to join the Ice Warriors?

There was always a thought at the back of my head, but I didn’t seriously consider joining until about a week ago.

What are your plans as the leader-in-training for the future of the IW?

My plans are just to chill and have fun while also helping IW grow and hopefully achieve 1st on the top ten.

Though unexpected, Orange’s move from Army of CP to Ice Warriors presumably isn’t a result of any negative elements within the army — it is more likely friends reuniting for a last hurrah. It is certain that such an experienced leader will be an invaluable addition to Ice Warriors.


What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors rise to top position? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Scorpion Demon
CP Army Hub Reporter

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